No Apologies Intended

Sorry X is a creative. She is an artist. There is no genre or comparison that can help cover the broad spectrum of talents she possesses within her musical compositions. With that being said, she has dropped yet another blessing with her newest single 'Where I Lie' that features guest appearances by cozyboy and Saiah.

With this single, we finally recapture the Sorry X that made us all fall in love in 2019. The somber, melodic hip-hop bleeds through from the tone to the features to the instrumental. All 3 artists compliment eachother very well with cozyboy adding a textured more bass driven element that helps the track stand out. Even with her very unique style, Sorry X has the ability to never sound the same. Many artists with the gift of such a unique sound soon sound monotonous. This is never the case. Saiah and Sorry X merge beautifully coming off the hooks which features a Sorry X hitting some very high notes that not everyone may be used to.

Overall, the song is outstanding. Simple. Every track we have ever heard from Sorry X has been, and the different vibes they all deliver makes her entire catalog worth a listen. But, for now stream 'Where I Lie' which is available on all streaming platforms now. Feeling the vibe? Make a Tik Tok video using her brand new single. The underground continues to elevate and it is thanks to artists like Sorry X which you can follow on Twitter HERE where she does drop some bombshells from updates to content!