Next Gen Sex Music

R&B has been a genre overlooked for almost 4 years now. Take a look back to that time however. We had constant hits by artists like Trey Songz, Jeremih, Sammie, and more. The next gen also offers some talent outside of the pitch correction filled sounds flooding all streaming services. Newest drop by Carl Volmir is a prime example of the artists bringing R&B back to the forefront. The single, 'Played In My Phone', features a nice mellow but raw verse from KP that rounds out the entire project.

Since we started, underground king and curator, Ace McCain has brought us a lot of talent to let you all know about. We can again thank him for putting us on to Carl Volmir. Make sure to stream this excellent song below (especially if he/she in the mood) and follow his Twitter to keep up with all the hits we are sure will be coming!

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