New Jux Bravo Is A Blessing

Do you ever crave music from an artist? For example, how many of us actually needed Lil Wayne's 'Tha Carter V'. We did. Whether it is a hiatus, lack of content, or pure joy and vibes due to previous content, artists are having to push themselves even harder to continue to present something to their audience almost daily. Jux Bravo is an artist who understands this audience past the simple question of who. Jux realizes how small things like parallel aesthetics across all platforms, and a vision behind the music make the difference. However, in 2019, we didnt feel that there was enough new Jux Bravo. Lately however, he has turned on the heat. Previously we had reviewed his smash single with lilpopout, and he gave fans a new gift just merely two days ago with his newest single 'Blessings'.

Jux Bravo is known for his melodic, ambient style as well as how unique he is with it. 'Blessings' is a step further as we get some true singing out of the Ohio creative which is superb by the way. He has a melodic way of rapping that tells you that he can sing even without hearing it. With 'Blessings', you finally hear him begin to open up on that front some. He still maintains what makes him... well him, but he does what every artist should be trying to do. He displays growth, talent, and widens his array of skills. Jux Bravo is not the type of artist to say he cannot do something and we inspire all to be exactly like that. 'Blessings', like all Jux Bravo songs, is a hit and we hope his momentum doesnt slow because it is looking like 2020 is the year of a full project. Stream the new single and more via Jux directly below. Also follow him on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE to tap into the full scope of this amazing artist!