New Groove

Sometimes an artist makes a catapult type leap with just a few releases. Sometimes the leap is into a hit followed by a pool of similar sounding content that fades out. Sometimes the leap is into their own as an artist. D Cravo is a perfect example of the second. Ever since the release of his album 'Day Dreaming' he continues to improve in every facet. His latest drop may just be the one that pushes him over the edge and past the underground. Yet again, the strength of production by Gh0stb4by is found on Cravo's newest single 'Heart Too Big'. The accent and textured tone of his voice mixed with the subtle pitch correction and excellent production make this D Cravo's best drop to date. It has the most cohesive sound and there is not a flaw to be found. A lot of time in underground music, even works with great audio quality, you can find small recording flaws. Maybe a syllable held a millisecond too long can throw off an entire verse. That is where we feel a studio project separates itself. You can hear the time and effort and perfectionism in the songs. That is exactly what D Cravo delivers in his new track which you can stream directly below. Also, follow D Cravo on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE for more from this soon to be star. 2020 is bright and D Cravo has used the small piece of 2019 we have left as the first stepping stone!