New Album Popping Off

St. Martin native, Huncho Zae recently dropped a new album. One song that really stood out to us was 'Pop Off' that is a workout playlist necessity. The beat is not the common one found on a hype track. It is more of an electronica based production with synth sounds and sweeping melodies. This is one way the song seems to stand out from the crowd that listeners are diving into for some reason.

The album 'Doubt Me' offers great vibes all the way through. The song 'Life I Chose' gives you sounds similar to mellow B.o.B while tracks like 'Backdoor' remind you of early Wiz Khalifa with even better lyricism. But back to the song we are highlighting, 'Pop Off'. We would call it a great way to have the back half of an album start off. We have always believed the middle and back parts of an album are where you put your diamonds. The ultimate goal is to get fans to listen all the way through a full length project. You have a few solid tracks start the album that gets people to say "ok I can rock with this" and then you bring out the best in a descending manner around track 8 or so. Well guess what track 'Pop Off' is? Yes it is track 8. It is a hit song that is radio ready with lyrics that make it not only hype but something hip-hop needs which is content.

Stream 'Pop Off' and the entire album from Huncho Zae below!