Need To Know Basis w/ Yan

SupportArt was founded with the intentions of giving back. Not only to the less fortunate but to the honest, hard-working music community as a whole. Most recently, our CFO B-L1FE had a phone Q&A with a young man who has already seen it all. The person behind the label Scraper Records based out of Los Angeles, Yan Gorshtenin. A story little know and few have pried into. To know how humble and honest this man truly is, is a blessing. Below you can read through the conversation between two label heads.

Q: When did you start Scraper Records?

A: "It was July 2017, so only a little over a year ago. I would say we have been around for almost a year and a half. I actually didnt even offer promotion until the label was about 5 months old. I actually didnt just start a label and boom either. I came into the industry as a producer. Got around the right people and things started to click. Even ran into Trippie Redd at a party with my brother."

Q: What is the main form of promotion that Scraper Records offers?

A: "We focus mainly on Spotify when it comes to platforms. However, we do promote via all forms of social media and our website. We do our blog write up's, site placements, and so on just like all the other real promotion companies. I've seen a lot of artists lose money to people who charge more than I do, and in the end, they never received the services they paid for. I run deals all the time. Sometimes as low as twenty dollars a day for Spotify promo. Thats beyond cheap."

Q: Can you give us any big announcements without fully pulling back the curtain?

A: "Well, I want to start by saying, Scraper Records is not like your average label. We are more like Quality Control. We are management. We are a partnership. Artists that are just now coming into the Scraper Records family are Grizz, BushBoyPretty, and an amazing group known as 3300. Yes, they are signed under us because you always have to watch your back with anything, thats life in general. However, they do benefit more than they would from a company simply handing them a piece of paper to sign. I want people to see that my way can change the world and ultimately change the careers of talented artists."





Q: Explain your relationship with Ace McCain?

A: "Cain is one of those great relationships that happens out of nowhere. I dont remember how or when, but at some point he contacted me for promo. He also mentioned partnerships. Anyone who knows Cain, knows that he is an emerging artist out of Houston, TX. Most dont truly see his efforts in the underground. He has ties to several brands nationwide. His management label, CWCMF, also has some things going on with Scraper Records. Recently, I've been feeling like him and Lil Pop Out are next up along with the artists I have and mentioned as newer additons to Scraper Records.

Q: How do your artists operate in terms of creative freedom?

A: "I let them do them. Thats what got them to me and vice versa. I ask they look out for the image of the management label I run, but with that being said I just want them to make quality music. I want them to succeed. I have managed and am managing artists from LA to NYC. Everything with my artists is very personal. If it isnt done in person we are at least on the phone or facetiming. Details are important and simple text cant get the job done when so much is on the line. Keeping that personal contact is a big part of the success I have."

Q: Who would be any artist you would call a target or someone you want to work with?

A: "I dont even know. I cant give an answer for that. There are literally hundreds of thousands of artists out there with true talent. All I can say is I fuck with anybody who makes good music. They dont even have to be connected to me. If I had to use a name, I would say Joey Bada$$."

Q: Does Scraper Records have big plans ahead going into 2019?

A: "Charity events are the main priority. I want to host good music and give back to places like Atlanta, New York, and LA. Also it is tour time. My artists need to be pushing their music and craft to the furthest possible extent. But charity events mean a alot to me and the forward movement of Scraper Records. Allows us to influence and give back. Mainly, to the youth."

Q: What brings someone who has had your success back down to earth?

A: "Simple. Where I am from. I dont talk about myself ever. Nobody really knows me outside of personal relationships. Im from LA, but Im Russian. I've seen struggle first hand numerous times and that keeps me grounded. People love to have the knowledge of my first start-up making me a large amount of money when I was 15, but most dont know that money has come and gone. I was stupid with it simply put. I wasnt ready for that kind of money and I dont think anybody at that age is. I stay humble. When you have a prize and watch it vanish quick, you realize there is so much more than dollar signs. Money truly doesnt buy happiness."

Q: We've seen your promotion deals with Ace McCain's label CWCMF. So explain, how management labels like yours and CWCMF are different from the status quo?

A: "This is why I say we are like Quality Control. Nobody is giving their all while the other party reaps the benefits. Yes, at my level, my money comes into play and so do things like contracts. I try to make everything 50/50. People dont seem to understand that managers and management services are like assistants. These days, I see managers bending over backwards and going broke for an artist that wouldn't give them a thing. Its disgusting to be completely honest. I just want to help. Musicians, crafts, brands, but mainly people in general. With that being said Scraper Records is currently looking for artist managers. Its a chance to work with some of the best without losing touch with why we all started this."

Q: Next to LA, where is the next biggest music scene?

A: "We all know places like NYC, Houston, and Atlanta. But right now, there is so much talent everywhere in Florida. The other three are established but the sunshine state is the spot to keep an eye on. So much talent, its hard to even express or shoutout anybody."

Q: Anything you would like to add before we conclude your Q&A with SupportArt?

A: "Keep your head up. Keep creating content. Dont let your focus be on things like followers or likes. Those arent what you need to make it. I've seen established and signed artists with 2,000 Twitter followers. Yeah, fans and all are really important, but not as important as the dedication you put into your craft. Also thank you to SupportArt. One, for taking time the time to ask and learn more about me, but also for what you guys do for the music community."

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