There is a beautiful balancing act between defining yourself as an artist and placing yourself in a niche that you can never escape. Even when artists who have a quote unquote lane venture out of it, the world around them seems to force them back into the niche. AJ Chaka was recently featured via blog for his single 'All Sides'. We referred to the song's tone as nostalgic. Now, AJ Chaka is up to bat again but with a completely different vibe. The best part? It works perfectly. It shows not only his ability to construct a song, write a song, and execute all the mundane details that go into recording, but it also shows that AJ Chaka is not a one trick pony.

'Alpha' is one of the tracks that really put AJ Chaka on the map. It has very quality production alongside engineering that is perfection. It sounds like an industry ready studio single. One thing that contrasts with 'All Sides' is that this is a bop in the truest sense of the definition. Hard 808s and a syllable heavy cadence make your head bounce the minute the instrumental begins. AJ Chaka comes with a completely different flow than what we heard on 'All Sides' and yet again, it works! He gets to show his range with this song, and in many ways, it felt like a funner song to construct. You can tell while listening that AJ was in his zone while recording this. The beat and the flow gel so well that you cant really imagine one without the other. Big salute goes out to the engineer and producer on this track, but the star is AJ. Many good productions get muddied with mumbling lyrics or an artist attempting to do too much. AJ let the beat guide him and the tone and it paid off. Stream 'Alpha' directly below and get ready for a huge 2020 from this artist which you can follow on Twitter HERE.

Also stream the rest of 'The Growth Tape' which is the project 'Alpha' is off of. There is a reason the numbers behind AJ Chaka continue to rise!