Mindset of a God

There are a handful of producers that stand out like a sore thumb in the best way possible. They seem to be working with anybody and everybody, and offer up a skill set that improves daily with tireless work. One of those names is 215god Beats. With a vast network of connections, artists underneath his label, and his own personal music there was is a lot to get to know about this artist known primarily as a producer for now. We got the chance to dig much deeper and ask him some questions about himself, his music, and his ventures and the artists that are involved with them. Enjoy our Q&A directly below and follow 215 on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE to keep up with this visionary.

Q: There is a lot that makes up you as a creative. Who is 215god and what seperates you from other artists or producers?

A: "215god is a guy who loves and reps his city no matter what, through all circumstances. I express that through my versatility in beats. Thats why you never see me in conversation of comparison to other artists or producers. 215 is an area code where I'm from in Philadelphia, PA. One day my homie told me, "bro you really the goat at this, you be bringing people together". From that day, I changed my name to 215god (I was known as my rap alias Street$ during this time). I have a knack for bringing people into my world when it comes to beats and music. Like my homie said, I'm a god at this."

Q: Will we ever see a return from you as Street$ or if you rap again will it be under a new name?

A: "When I return, I will stick to 215god Beats on major platforms, but I'll always be known as Street$ in real life. My hood gave me my name so I'll always be Street$, on track and off. In addition to that, all my prior projects will be distributed to major platforms. Right now I'm just trying to contact old connects and friends so they can get their splits. I won't upload until all of that is confirmed."

Q: What producers would you say influenced you and your style? With that being said, what rappers did you draw influence from as a vocal recording artist?

A: "Producer wise I would say Dr. Dre, Just Blaze, Metro Boomin, 808 Mafia, and Ducko Mcfli. When it comes to being a rapper, 50 Cent is the reason why I started rapping. After I saw 'In Da Club' on BET one day in '03. the rest was history.'

Q: What do you think about all of the sub genres emerging in rap and do you feel they are limiting sounds or allowing artists to become multi-faceted?

A: "I dont see a limitiation to sound. All these new genres coming out just proves how different an artist can be. I wont say that I agree with all the topics that are being spoken on, but the new creative flows of sound itself are forever expanding, allowing artists to bring out sounds that no one has heard before. What could be better for us? Except millions of course."

Q: You represent the artist AyeBee and his new EP is mostly produced by you including some production collaboration work. What made you want to represent artists and can you elaborate on how you manage them? Is it a label and what other artists do you represent?

A: "I produced 4 of the 6 songs for AyeBee's new EP and did the mix and mastering for everything. Credits also go to ArrogantOnTheTrack, Hi Rez, and co-producers Bluff Gawd, Burnamen Jones, Falcon, and Barba Beats. Even when my whole music dream had just begun as a kid, I used to ghost write for my two friends for fun and this girl I had a crush on in the 4th grade. I would take the whole day writing a song for us, and when we would practice it was like we were some old 80's group haha.

Since then, I always wanted my own label. I have had my hand in 3 of them. 2 of them unsuccessful, but we managed to make some great songs. worldofmetrvpoli$ is my current label that I run, created, and own. I have 3 main artists: Bibby, AyeBee, and Pupp who is from my neighborhood and my best friend. Also I signed producers Falcon, Barba Beats, Vintage Village, and Mentalz. Mentalz is also my graphic designer whenever B-L1FE (SupportArt CEO) isnt making my art. I only go to those two for my graphics, or every now and then I will do it myself. When I started worldofmetrvpoli$ in 2016-17, all I wanted was for me and the people I believe in to make it with hard work and team effort. Now, we are running efficiently. Mentalz is bringing in clients for gfx including a piece he did for OVRCZ before he got signed to Internet Money. Falcon got his first gold plaque with Benash from France. Barba just landed a placement with Pally Ray, and with AyeBee, he has done nothing but go up since the day I signed him. When I talk about the progression of AyeBee, I want to look mainly at the quality of his music."

You Can Stream AyeBee's New EP NOW Directly Below

Q: The branding for worldofmetrvpoli$ has really taken off in 2020 as well as the roster. What was the main catalyst for this occuring?

A: "When I signed Barba and got him a placement with Pally Ray within a week. The song has yet to drop but we patient, plus Pally and I talk every week as friends. I signed Barba during this pandemic which in itself has been a catalyst that helped put half the roster on the map so far. Because once I had to stop working, I still had to stick to the mission: to put my team on at all cost! The days I dont make beats, I research new opportunities for me and my guys. I'm thankful for my management, Southside D. He got me a placement with up and coming artist Jack Dro during the pandemic. B-L1FE and the SupportArt networks have also been a big help in terms of getting our names out there on social media and they have been particularly helpful during these times. Also ever since B-L1FE did the most recent AyeBee cover, him and his music in general have seen a spike in traffic. It is a lot of different things that were an element in the process of the catalyst. On another note, people still have to wait for Pupp and Bibby to finally come out this summer. They are getting better day by day and when they drop the team will be working in full circle. All this is in addition to what our affiliates are out here doing. I also just personally signed with Wav God and Majorloops so God is great ya know?"

Q: What affiliates do you and your label currently have?

A: "As stated just a minute ago, I just closed a deal with Wav God and Majorloops. My affiliates include Virtual Verse Records which is ran by my right hand man 1skyeearc. Creatives Only and their CEO TrillBazz will always be family. B-L1FE and the entire SupportArt roster as well as Bluff Gawd and my amazing friends. Also in my worldofmetrvpoli$ team we got a group called Retro Fine$$e, but they not really a group though. They are real life friends I grew and came up through thick and thin with. The group is compromised of myself, my photographer Melowhoshotcha, and First Lady Niq."

Q: How important is building up producers to you as it can be seen as a focal point in your branding?

A: "Producers are just as important as my other artists. We build each other. I would be nothing without Falcon. It was days when it was just me, him, Mentalz and a few people from the Retro gang. Chips was down and just wanted to quit, but he never gave up on himself or the team. So any opportunity I get, I make sure they get the same. If I make a move, just know they coming after a move or two after. Falcon actually was the first to go Gold and that actually built a better name for us midst of Summer '19. Big shout out to Benash for 'Chaud dans le ville' which is soon to be Platinum. On a side note, during this interview my first major platform work 'Space Island' just dropped."

Stream the 3 Track Project 'Space Island' NOW Directly Below!

Q: Do you believe making it is pointless without your team?

A: "Hell yeah its pointless. Thats honestly why Im still here. I couldve made certain moves, but then it wouldve taken me away from my team. I wasnt with that. Everything I do is to get them involved at some point."

Q: As an artist what is your ultimate goal? No labels. No affiliates. Just 215god.

A: "To provide the fans with great music, whether its something I produced, a song I made myself, or even just an instrumental. I want to give the fans vibes of all kinds. I know with the fans that money rolls in later so that part doesnt gotta be explained haha."

Q: Anything you would like to add to conclude your Q&A with us here at SupportArt?

A: "Yeah, get with SupportArt for all your needs! They may not know but our label does a lot of cross with yall, and I figure they should know the truth: collaborations and investments are everything! I worked to get here, spending time and money on great creatives. I promise yall you wont be sorry. 'City of Constantine' coming soon.

There is a lot to keep up with and all leads to nothing but great music. As our last treat, stream the song that gave Falcon his first gold plaque which is by French artist Banesh.