Mind Your Manners

Some songs are almost contagious. Half of it comes from the production. Half of it comes from how the artist structures the song and timing of their delivery. In the end, the result is your head nodding unintentionally.

Underground pioneer and rapper WAVEON is incredibly skilled at creating this sound as he shows with his latest single and current SA spotlight song 'Track Star'. A literal masterpiece created by him and the production of Benihana Boy.

The song has an excellent vibe that is captured the minute you hear the initial producer tag. Sometimes the beat drop is so fire, the song is instantly catchy regardless of the artist. Add the way WAVEON comes in with the beat drop and you have a certified banger. The song title matches the energy perfectly. Even with the presentation of the song, you can see the confidence WAVEON has with this release. This is a terrific drop in what has been a great start to 2019 for the young artist. We know he is currently working on his album as he began to slightly push after the single release 'Manners', and if 'Track Star' is any indication of things to come, his album will be widely successful. Add a push from brands like WAYV WRLD, and this track itself is on its way to stardom.

Our review is a 10 out of 10 for the former SA member on this one. Its a great vibe and the run time is perfect for a song to get you up and fill you with energy. Follow WAVEON on Twitter HERE to keep up with all of his coming songs. We hope to be covering more as he releases them. Also stream the new single directly below. You can find music from WAVEON on all streaming platforms.