MIC Que Getting In Gear

Awhile back we covered an business-man who talked about a lot of moves coming in his future. If you still follow Najee, then you have seen most of these moves already come to fruition along with even more. Now, he has put us on to an artist he helps promote and represent who goes by the name MIC Que, who is getting ready to release a 13 track tape titled '2 Dead'.

The tape is going to be a culmination of all the feelings and emotions from the pain and agony. It'll be a proverb from the struggle and grind to the shine and the glory. It’s the growth from his first release and the last 2 years. It will showcase a more mature artist as well as a more mature and well rounded man. It’s half produced by one of his main go to producers Sour7 out of the UK with producer credits such as Spaceghostpurrp and Ruben Slikk. The majority of the second half of the tape’s production is handled by ELIJVHISDEAD who has done previous production on his own work as well as fellow collaborator Kwad. The rest of the project's production is handled by Lil_Chris_72 and Lite Ease who recently produced the track “Geekin” for local DMV artist Shug Da Trappa. With so many big, talented names coming together this tape should be great.

The release date, tracklist, and artwork will be coming soon. We asked MIC Que if he wanted to give some shoutouts to the people who have made everything possible. He replied, "Shoutout to The All Supreme God. Shoutout to my mother and father for giving me life. Also big love to MoneyMakingNajee, Kwad, Sour7, Lil_Chris_72, ELIJVHISDEAD, Lite Ease, Cp_88, The Whole Guild, and 72."

Showing love to everybody on his team was the outro for our brief coverage of the soon to come music. Listen to MIC Que's soundcloud directly below and also click the social media hyperlinks to stay current on his every move.

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