Meet Zeeonepoint0

One of our newer artists is the likes of British producer/rapper Zeeonepoint0. He has a genre-less sound that captivates listeners and defies what should be fundamentally possible. This is a need in a music world where the borders keep getting murkier and murkier. We wanted to ask this creative some questions so you all can get a much better take on one of our newest and brightest members here at SupportArt. Enjoy our Q&A with Zee as well as some music from the man himself.

Q: What all crafts do you bring to the SA team?

A: "I mainly specialize in audio production, but I am also proficient with web design and photography. Besides the art and more business focused, I enjoy advising others on royalties, release strategies, marketing techniques, etc."

Q: How has joining SA helped or reaffirmed the marketing strategies you personally use?

A: "Everyone's strategy is different. Seeing how others market their product successfully not only helps me learn what I can tweak, but it also gives me ideas for new things to test with my brand."

Q: You mentioned brand, and with many other SA members having their own brands, what can you tell us about yours?

A: "My brand is centered around myself and my music, but I never want to be one of those artists who seems out of touch with their fans. For that reason, I center my brand around my personal life and things I like to do while keeping the theme cohesive and something fans can relate to. It feels organic because I base everything around my likes and that gives my brand a very real texture. I try to position myself to work with up and coming artists. These artists may have been using YouTube beats for a while but they're at the cusp of wanting their own personalized instrumentals or learning how to record themselves at home. I guess to make a long story short, my brand is for the home hit maker who likes to play video games, watch dope movies, and listening to those vibes from dope music."

Q: Do you make your own melodies, and how do you feel about sampling to create beats?

A: "I make my own melodies most of the time. I play guitar and bass so I'll make the melody on one or the other then I will transpose it onto the keyboard. A lot of the time, I'll hear a melody I like and try to recreate the same vibe using different progressions or maybe even the same progression with some slight embellishment. I also use samples, but I have never sampled a piece from another song... only melody loops. Before a couple of years ago, I was against sampling because I felt that simply taking a loop of a song someone else created and adding more percussive drums on it was cheating. I still kind of feel that way. I feel there is a way to go about sampling where the sample ends up being more of a supporting force for the song instead of the basis of it."

Q: Would you agree that the true art of sampling is not being able to tell a sample is even present?

A: "It depends on the genre. For hip-hop, I would agree. For EDM or electronic music, hearing the sample can help set the tone and vibe."

Q: What made you start adding vocals to your beats?

A: "I used to do vocals/guitar in my first band. I was never formally trained in anything when it comes to singing. I didnt know what I was doing. I got a lot of hate so I took time off to focus more on creating melodies, progressions, and developing my ear. As I'm making beats for rappers and recording other artists, I end up helping or advising them on certain parts. Its fun to me so I started taking vocals seriously again. That combined with all the rappers I sold and gave beats to who never used them made me decide to just do it myself. It took me a long time to feel comfortable hearing my voice played back, but I am glad I made that decision."

Q: Would you define your sound as hip-hop?

A: "I was raised on all different types of music. I grew up listening to my parents play disco, grunge, classic rock, hip-hop... you name it. Over time, I started noticing that genres that may be wildly different can share grooves or vibes. In my own music, I like to bend elements and genres together so I would consider my music to be hip-hop but with a bunch of other influences sprinkled on top. My next project that I am currently working on is going to take that ideal even further."

Q: What genre speaks to you the most and why?

A: "Tough question, but I'd say funk. I remember not knowing anything about music as a kid but hearing good funk music and just wanting to move. The way funk grooves can make anyone dance."

Q: What can fans expect from you in 2020?

A: "2020, fans can expect an overclocked 1.0 experience. I've always experimented with pairing my music to video/imagery. Im diving even deeper into that next year. Fans can also expect more collaborations. I made it a point not to do many collabs in 2019 because I wanted fans to see, feel, and hear an unadulterated version of my vision. Now that I have somewhat established my flavor of music to the masses, I think it is time to branch outmore and work with other artists. Lastly, fans can also expect merch! Finally!"

Q: You have a truly unique take on music and its sonic unison. Anything you would like to add or say to conclude your Q&A?

A: "Thanks for having me as a part of this collective!"

Zeeonepoint0 is in the middle of making what will be a huge 2020 so follow him on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE. Also enjoy his last project 'Gone Boy' directly below. You can also venture to HERE.