Meech Maine's Better Year

SupportArt continues to grow while at the same time garnering the attention of the best indie and underground artists. Our latest spotlight artist is Meech Maine and his EP's single "Better Year" ft. 9xs! (Prod. Jos Beats)

The song is uptempo and uplifting. It offers a great delivery and the song structure is perfection. To date, this is one of the best spotlight songs we have had.

Below you can stream the single and view the Q&A with Meech Maine himself.

Q: Can we expect more upbeat tracks on the EP like the single?

A: "Yea most of the tracks will be quicker tempo like that. I enjoy those type of songs the best."

Q: Do you plan on going deep with any of the songs on the EP?

A: "I would say that this EP is more focused towards the artistic differences between the tracks rather than a deep look into my life. I enjoy doing different styles that when put together compliment each other."

Q: Is the EP a setup for a bigger project?

A: "No, this is just an individual project as I want to give my listeners a short collection of songs they can listen through in one sitting."

Q: Are there any big features on the EP?

A: "Yes, I would say the two stand out features on the EP are convolk and Max Wells. I feel that everyone performs well on the EP no matter the size of their audience."

Q: Do you have any shows coming up?

A: "No, I have none currently booked as of now."

Q: Who do you want to work with in the future as far as underground artists and producers go?

A: "In terms of artists I would love to with, Lil Grxm is the one. I want to make those more gritty south bound tracks. For producers, I haven't shopped around as much but I hope the homies like Jos Beats and Jordan keep wanting to link up. Producers drive the majority of my inspiration I would say. I love the sound of muddy melodic trap like Yung Bans."

Q: How would you say promotion by SupportArt has helped the single the most?

A: "I would say social media. In those terms, I'm very satisfied with the promotion thus far. Especially with how yall have been promoting it and it seems to have gotten love beyond yall and your accounts with things like retweets, favorites, etc."

Q: What is the name of the project that this single is for?

A: "It was going to be 'Meech and Friends', but then I realized probably every EP filled with only features has that title. Right now it is still TBD."

Q: How long did the EP take to complete?

A: "The convolk song was recorded first and started the process around 6 months ago. I wanted to perfect my sound, delivery, and make sure the features aligned with the tracks I was putting them on. It was important for me to grow a decent amount as an artist before I invest in the next project. My last EP 'Split Sauce' was a very raw and new Meech, but now I've grown and have more experience. I understand the game much better."

Q: Is there anything you would like to add to conclude your Q&A?

A: "The EP comes out mid October so be on the look out. Theres a big difference to me between being unknown and being unskilled. Im hoping people are willing to take a chance on me and come grow as a community. You best believe, I'm going to interact with anyone who gives me their ears and time. I would also like to thank you, B-L1FE. Not only for being an artist, but for running a legitimate promotion company. Hopefully we can connect beyond business in the future."