May 1st for the Gang

SupportArt artists put out content on a more regular basis than most artists or other collectives in the underground. What is even more amazing about our 20 member roster is the quality the plethora of content contains from audio quality to lyrical content and subject matter. It has been awhile since we have given a run down of the internal roster in a blog so we might want to do that since we are halfway through this crazy year known as 2020. The current SupportArt roster includes the following 20 artists: Yung N ICy, NOTfree, Psych Ward, SIROKA, Kaster, wa55up, RVLA, B-L1FE, Watty, Know ART, Penny the Shabba, dieman, Zeeonepoint0, Itachi West, DJ LACKSWAG, Waveon, Fat Daddy J, CASP3R, Gue$$, and Zettabyte. If you follow the current underground scene we can pretty much guarantee you have come across at least a few of those names this year alone. The team has every craft in house and respectively have dropped projects, singles, visuals, and more as well as contests for the creatives worldwide to give back. Add that to our curation and the fact that these 20 artists truly see the vision of how powerful support over hate can be, and SA is not slowing down any time soon.

May 1st is a perfect, lets say vital, sign of that. Not one. Not two. Three SA artists all released a single, and all 3 are sure genius with their own unique vibes. Another great element of the SA team is that they were selected in the opposite fashion most collectives assemble talent. A lot of collectives are very similar artists. What our CEO, B-L1FE, did when approaching artists or talent that he believed could help this umbrella infrastructure of hip hop services was look for what he calls 'gap fillers'. This is not a term that is meant to demean in any way. Essentially, if you have an artist like wa55up and you have an artist like NOTfree, then what or WHO do you need to make it to where now the first two artists can take their vibes and create truly unique art. Add the fact that our roster works with talent worldwide outside of our circle without limits and the following 3 songs as well as everything honestly put out by our camp for some time are guaranteed vibes. Most turn into hits... its just kind of our thing. The three singles were dropped by SA artists, Watty (DTTH), B-L1FE (Bob Ross), and NOTfree (BLESSIN). The first two were released on all major streaming services last night at midnight. 'DTTH' marks the second single Watty has released on platforms after quite some time off from his debut single 'WALTI'. B-L1FE's drop is the first of three singles that will be released leading up to his third album 'Friends with Judas'. 'BLESSIN' is yet another step in the transformation that is the artist known to many as Free. On platforms you can find him under the name NOTfree, but he has been steady with new content since last year and continues to evolve into a truly unique artist. Enjoy the three new singles below, and follow the talented creatives directly from this blog to stay up to date. You can also find all of our artists on our roster page, so if you know who your favorite SA artists are, they can all be found on that page.

Watty - 'DTTH'

B-L1FE - 'Bob Ross' (produced by ensomber)