Man With Money And Morals

EPs seem to be the latest fashion as we enter 2019. Creatives are moving fast to create set up projects for bigger moves further down the calendar. One EP to take note of is 'Growth' by Blazel, a member of Money And Morals Entertainment. SupportArt is here to give you a full run down of the project.

'Growth' is a five song collection carefully crafted by the north Florida stoner formally known as Br3adGang Blazel who now goes by simply Blazel. Although the project is only five tracks, the production from Drewrich, No1, and Chef Melz is truly one of a kind. The Gainesville native has consistently been working to craft his own specific sound. The EP features the very colorful Spiffy Vuitton on the track 'Home' & No1 on the track 'Lit Man'. From songs like 'Large' to 'Make It Shake', the EP 'Growth' will definitely make you want to roll your best and get in your bag.

Stream the project directly below and follow Blazel on Twitter HERE

You Can Also View The Official Music Video For The Track 'Large' Below!