Making The Dream Work

It is now March 1st. So it is time for our monthly round up on who is on the SA roster. Most people see SupportArt as an army when in all honesty the team has never had more than 16 members, and we currently only house 15 creatives. The roster is as follows.

wa55up (Rapper/Singer/Producer/Engineer/Animator/Designer)

MARROW (Producer/Engineer)

Siroka (Rapper/Producer/Engineer)

Kay Hopp (DJ/Producer)

Kaster (Producer/Videographer/Engineer)

K. Horror (Rapper/Videographer)

B-L1FE (Rapper/Engineer/Animator/Designer/Videographer/DJ)

kevspeakstruth (Rapper/Singer/Designer/Engineer/Producer)

Cody James (Rapper/Singer)

Swubby (Producer/Designer)

Yung N ICy (Producer)

Psych Ward (Rapper/Producer)

NOTfree (Rapper/Engineer/DJ) Penny, The Shabba (Rapper/Producer/Designer)

Marc The Prophet (Rapper)

This is one of the most powerful line-ups in the entire underground. You can find collabs by the team all over, but with such a wide reach as a unit, some of the group efforts are overlooked or fall into a project with various sounds and names. What makes a team? The answer is unison. How do you build unison? You work together, and you work hard!

We are proud to announce we have begun to work on our first collective EP. The title of the EP is 'The Purple Tape Volume 1', and it will be the first is in what is hopefully a long series.

No set tracklist has been decided nor have we set a release date. We can say all the pieces of the team will be involved if possible. If you cant find one of our talented artists on Volume 1, we can guarantee a double dose of them on Volume 2. Along with this announcement, we also present to you the official coverart for the first EP.