Making Bounds

2020 has brought a lot of different things into the forefront of daily life. Although we currently live in a world compromised of divides, we have all had to face the difficulties of this year. One thing that has helped many from getting into the negative mindset that is surrounding us is music. To begin 2020, we came across a new artist Lil Sad Boi and during this year we have already seen him grow and take strides and bounds in every area. His newest single 'Naruto' which was produced by xCephasx is a milestone song for the artist as he shows of great vocal control and an awareness of his tone in comparison to the instrumental. The beat is a heavy slow beat that has the sorrow sound from jump and Lil Sad Boi does an excellent job of continuing to convey this feeling with his efforts on the track. To be completely honest, this song is night and day than the rest of his work, and what we mean by that is he really leveled up so much that you wouldnt be able to tell it was him on his older tracks. It feels like he has found his sound. Artists go through a lot to reach that mystic place of knowing not only who they are but how they sound and what compliments that. If Lil Sad Boi isnt at that place, he is damn close. You can stream 'Naruto' directly below and also follow this artist on Twitter HERE to keep track of what is sure to be nothing but big moves going forward.