Major League

We have been full of big announcements lately. From our brand new android application 'SupportArt OnDemand' to now having major platform distribution for all of our signed artists. We are here to provide for the talent that we claim, nothing more nothing less.

We started things off with a bang. Giving an artist a chance to make their debut on major platforms like iHeartRadio, Spotify, and iTunes with K. Horror's release of his single 'Bounce'. You can now find that hit track literally anywhere. Follow that release on Wednesday, our roster continues to drop highly anticipated hits. B-L1FE on Thursday dropped his new 5 track project 'The Wounds Within' on beats made by Yeoj and Ocho VIII respectively. Yung Free then made his debut on major platforms in light of the kst delay with his single 'Juss Woke Up' which as we would imagine was extrememly wavy. kevspeakstruth ended the week with the release of his amazingly beautiful album 'Home Alone' featuring the hit singles 'Numb' (Lately) and the self titled track 'Home Alone' which was released a week prior.

This is only the beginning. To be honest, it has to be. The brand that is now a multi-media label with label distribution is barely 4 months old. Even we have to take a step back from time to time to realize how crazy that is. We have huge moves ahead which we wont spoil just yet. All you need to know for now is that sleeping on us is one's worst decision.

Stream the 4 projects from our very own artists below and get ready for the major platform debuts of artists like ILL LUMINANCE, Xanlon, KEGUZI, EEL, Psych Ward and more.

Last but not least, since we know you loved the tracks above, here is a quick run down of our current label roster.




Kay Hopp



Yung Free

Chris Vintage

K. Horror



Psych Ward




All of their work and crafts can be found on their indiviual roster pages. Simply go to the drop down menu, select roster, and click a logo. All music and visuals can be streamed directly from our website or app on Google Play.