Love This Or Leave Us Alone

One of the biggest bursts in talent that happened in 2019 was that of SIROKA. He not only changed himself as an artist, but he also asserted himself as a production force in the underground securing placements all over the place. We had expected an album, but this young artist decided to break that into two parts. This allowed him to drop a feature heavy EP that has a collection of vibes and appearances that leaves any underground listener salivating, and it also allows him to now be ahead as he is sitting on an entire project worth of content.

His breakthrough performance is his newest EP 'Be Nice or Leave Me Alone' where he highlights his ability to structure unique songs and harness unique sounds. He uses his features to perfection while also not burying himself on his own project. Among the talented guest appearances are names like Azure the Paradox, Penny the Shabba, Elique, B-L1FE, Jayrahx, NOTfree, Psych Ward, and more. There are no solo efforts on the project, but no song feels feature heavy. Every track was also produced by SIROKA. Along with being the focal artist and producer, he is also responsible for the engineering on all 9 songs.

The unison of sounds with the shifting vibes is remarkable with his latest project. Songs like 'Swervin' with Jayrahx or 'No Off SZN' with Penny the Shabba and B-L1FE bring hard hitting energy and 808 heavy influences, yet they still find a home perfectly placed next to melodic hypnotizing hits like 'XL XS' with Elique and 'Not Sorry' with NOTfree. This project is the perfect example of a listeners mood determining the best song. SIROKA didnt compile a hit and surrounding tricks. He put together something for every listener. Whether its a heavy lyrical bar driven sound or a feel good smoke song, SIROKA gives it to you and then some. Follow him on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE for even more that is coming and already out! Also stream his latest project directly below. It has been making its rounds appearing on many playlists including the newest playlist sweeping the underground 'HighOnInternet'. Also if you wonder about the artwork credit, well... those also go to SIROKA.