Living Out A Dream

If you have followed our platform for not only the artists we house, but also creatives of all kinds, then you should know the name D Cravo by now. We have had the honor of being his go to for coverage and promotion since entering the game. We have got to see the amazing growth he has had since entering the scene nearly a year ago. Now with his newest album 'Day Dreaming' out, we wanted to sit with the Kentucky native and see what his thoughts and feelings were on an album that to be brief... is astounding. Also pairing it with more visuals is a plus, and we should have expected that from Cravo who has also taken giant strides in terms of visuals. Before our Q&A we did want to give a review of the project. In that case, stream 'Day Dreaming' directly below.

REVIEW: If we wanted to be short and sweet, we could simply say amazing. However, we want to truly show the growth he has had. The melodic vibes brought into this project by D Cravo shows how deep these songs come from. The songs are perfectly ordered, and the singles that have already been heard seamlessly blend in with the whole project. We would definitely suggest 'Don't Tell Me', 'Too Many Times', & 'Stay or Go feat. B-L1FE' as our top 3 off the album. Once you stream you can make that evaluation for yourself. Maybe you want to know the behind the scenes details before listening. If thats the case enjoy our Q&A directly below the music video for Ball Everyday.

Q: What was the vibe you were going for with the new album 'Day Dreaming'?

A: "I wanted to speak in a more serious tone. I wanted to speak on some things I'm dealing with in life and talk about the ups and downs of chasing this music shit."

Q: What are some of the things life handed you that you feel you dealt with via this album, and how does it feel to now have those things off your chest as a person and artist?

A: "Growing up my dad was in and out of jail. My mother was always working. I spent a lot of time alone and felt like I was always being lied to. People always say they love you and want the best for you, but then they turn around and lie to you in the next sentence. I've dealt with that all my life and in ways I've just gotten used to it. Thats the main thing I'm speaking on in 'Dont Tell Me' and 'Too Many Times'. It does feel good to have these things off my chest. I was and have been going through a lot and this music was my therapy in a sense."

Q: The final project introduced a lot of melodic, ambient music that isn't the usual for you. Do you feel you found a new sound or is this truly your sound?

A: "Absolutely, I feel like I've finally found my sound, but I also feel I can keep expanding on it. I've always been able to rap but needed to find myself as an artist. I've really focused on becoming a better artist overall and expanding my music possibilities."

Q: There was a lot of production done by Gh0st B4by. How did the two of you connect, and what do his beats help bring out of you and your style?

A: "Gh0st and I connected through Facebook at first. Hes one of the best engineers and producers out and also a very good emcee himself. After this project, I look at him like a brother. He has helped me a lot with developing my sound and he also engineered the entire album. I can tell him exactly what I'm going for in a song in terms of sound or vibe, and he will match exactly what I am going for on the engineering and production side of it. 'Love is Blind' featuring him has been the most successful track on the album thus far."

Q: Outside of Gh0st B4by, there are only a couple of other features. Why did you choose the artists you did, and why such a light amount of features on 'Day Dreaming'?

A: "I had to do a song with Young Micah on there. He is my day 1, and I wanted to give him a chance to shine on the project. B-L1FE and I have been planning to work for awhile now so I knew our track would hit from the jump and wanted to make sure it was on the album. As far as why there aren't many features outside of those three is just the fact I really havent had the opportunity to collab with other dope artists. I plan out my features carefully, and I want someone that will bring something dope to the project and song in a unique way."

Q: What do you do now after such a great and heavy album? Where does D Cravo go?

A: "First, I'm going to try and push and promote this album heavy. Then its just back to work. I have some more stuff on the way right now, and I might drop a few remixes of some main stream songs just to show these other rappers they cannot touch me lyrically."

Q: You've shown growth in every aspect of the industry that people can see. Do you feel there is only more room to grow?

A: "Absolutely! I'm proud of the growth I've been able to have, but I've got much further to go. I truly believe this is my destiny."

Q: Why did you choose the artists you have worked with across all your projects, and what artists and producers do you hope to work with moving forward?

A: "I just feel like the people I have already worked with are truly dope artists. I felt their style would the tracks they are on really well. There are a few people in my city I want to work with. As far as bigger artists, I'd love to work with J. Cole or Eminem. I need to get in touch with more producers, but Yung N ICy and I have some stuff in the vault I am going to release soon."

Q: What is your personal favorite off 'Day Dreaming' and why? Also, what songs and with who do you feel the best remixes would come from?

A: "As far as my personal favorite I would say 'Dont Tell Me' or 'Love is Blind'. The meaning behind both songs is very close to me personally. That being said, I treally love all the songs on this album. I feel like every song has its purpose and hits home, and that was the mission. The remixes are just something I have in mind. People will have to wait and see."

Q: Anything you would like to add before we conclude your Q&A with SupportArt over your new album 'Day Dreaming'?

A: "I would just like to thank everyone for the support and the hate. I am just getting started so stay tuned. But for now, go stream 'Day Dreaming' out now on all platforms! It is the best album out right now!"

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