License To Carrie

New music is a joy. Reviewing music is even better. We here at SupportArt believe in giving honest but constructive feedback. A new artist that has taken our sight is Carrie Nives. The stage name alone is beyond unique, but the visuals are the primary focus. Below we have two music videos by the afformentioned man, one which is our weekly featured video on the homepage, and a review over both. We review the visuals, the music, and everything else we can think would apply to art. Enjoy the read and music from Carrie Nives below.


Juno TheLost x Carrie Nives - 'Legends Never Die'

We want to start our review on the first video 'Legends Never Die' by saying the videography is beyond exceptional. Most artists lack the knowledge of how important visuals are, especially in terms of quality. The video starts with views of the entire squad in the streets, but once the vocals begin, it is not what you think. Most times, an intro like that leads to lyrics about killing and selling drugs and not much else. The hook instantly sends us into a wavy vibe. Although, you still get true street lyrics, Juno and Carrie Nives put a spin on it, giving you smart punchlines and adding street knowledge behind every line. This is one of the few songs we have heard in 2018 where the lofi slight pitch correction is spot on. Most artists and their engineers simply do not understand vocal note manipulation. Once we get the initial hook out of the way, Carrie Nives comes in with a gritty tone that amps the song up. Add in some trippy overlays in the video, and you are watching what one would see on TRL or 106&Park if we still had those... well those in their prime years. Carrie Nives in his verse has some really clever punchlines that everybody with a brain will certainly enjoy. After a repeat of the hook, we are led into a vocal outro. Nothing ends a great song better than someone simply talking their shit. This video is top notch quality behind what is a top notch song. There are a few brief (we do mean brief) moments where the footage doesnt fit the entire screen which is odd compared to the rest (we mean 99.9%) of the video. However, that is nitpicking. The biggest stand out factor in this video is the b roll clips. Nobody wants to see the same scene or one or two scenes for an entire song. Artists need to put fillers into videos to really make them cohesive and that was executed to perfection by Carrie and Juno in the video of 'Legends Never Die'. The video above is definitely worth a view and honestly a like and sub.


Juno TheLost x Carrie Nives - 'X3'

This video intro shows the connection these artists have with the community. It gives an inspiring vibe to the track before you even hear it. Then you take a left turn. The chorus makes you move like you rewinded time and listened to 'Knuck If You Buck' for the first time. The entire video is filled with both artists dancing, vibing, and cranking with kids and fans. Honestly the focus isnt even on Juno TheLost or Carrie Nives in this video. It was clear that the video meant something in itself. The vocals behind it are more of your turn up vybe. Its actually a great focus on the business side of music. Listeners follow the status quo even when the lyrics have quality. So, with a turnt up banger type beat, they were able to really get this kids jumping. We have nothing but respect for this project in summary. Enjoy above!

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