Leveling Up

If you listened to the SIROKA from 2018, we need you to find the Men in Black and have your memory erased. He is a different animal now. You have seen glimpses of it on feature placements on songs like 'Dumb' by WAVEON and 'Same Guy' by B-L1FE. He has also emerged as one of the most talented producers currently in the underground. Such a good producer, that he is the executive producer on the upcoming Cody James project. He will also be the executive producer on what we will announce here first, a dual EP by NOTfree and B-L1FE, that will be titled 'Be Free'. However, let us get back on topic. His beats are just too good to not go on a rant about. SIROKA just dropped his second single of 2019 and what we declare the official 2019 summer anthem with his self produced track 'Pool Party'.

This song is unlike anything you have heard from SIROKA. Nothing like any of his past production work. Nothing like any of his past vocal work. Also, it is his best engineered track which in SIROKA fashion, he mixed and mastered himself. The song brings a fun playful side with pitch correction that is blatantly on purpose. Add some savage drops, and the new SIROKA has landed. This is only the beginning. If you could see his upcoming album's preliminary tracklist, you would have a heart attack. He is a new person in every facet and this summer hit is a perfect example. Stream 'Pool Party' directly below and follow SIROKA on Twitter HERE.