Let Deon Eat

One of our newest artist, Deon Williams, has the talent to be a transcendent shooting star in the music industry, but has yet to really put content out on his platform just yet. Insert the highlighting of the word yet. Deon is now geared to give you his highly anticipated project 'Blackout' which will be his first release as a member of SA. Nobody speaks about their work better than the artist themselves so we asked Deon for a quick run down of what 'Blackout' is about, and who is as a person and artist.

Deon gave us the following summary, "My name is Deon Williams, I’m originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. I moved to Houston, Texas then, shortly after, moved to Little Elm, Texas (about 30 minutes from Dallas) when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. My role models include 2Pac and J. Cole. I started writing music/poetry at age 9, but never really took it seriously until my aunt passed away which led to me reconnecting with my cousin and producer J-Atracktive which led to me creating the ‘All.Real.Things’ EP with some of my personal favorite songs including ‘Thankful’, ’97’ and ‘Dreams.’ I have two more projects that’ll be released soon one being ‘Blackout’ and the other being called ‘Sunrise: The Come Up.” Blackout is part 1 to a 2 part series that tells a story that I can’t fully uncover through this bio, but songs 1-5 of Blackout will of course be the first part, with the Sunrise project being the second half of the story whenever it releases."

Before Deon became a member of SupportArt, he went to B-L1FE for the promo video for 'Blackout'. We also talked with B some about how Deon approached the visuals for the promo video, and how it will relate back to the project. B added, "He wants that shock and awe value, but he doesnt want it in a traditional sense. The project comes directly from his heart and a dark place in it. So he wants people to not only hear good music, but he wants them to feel the powerful emotions that inspired the music they are hearing. When we started the promo video, we talked about an overdose scene and then quick bursts of strong emotional imagery. It wasnt all negative though. We wanted bursts of life in general. The direction of the final video really did showcase the vision we came up with. You start with the graveyard scene, but then you also have the time lapse inside the car and the shoes over the powerlines. Small scenes, but it will hit home for people and those small scenes could be some of the most powerful expressions one could make. Only artists may get that side of what we do or why we do it. All I can say for sure is that the content Deon is preparing is so good it needs the ears to be tuned in!"

Deon Williams does have some music on major platforms to help hold over the listeners until 'Blackout' finally launches. You can stream it directly from this blog, and you can also view the official promo video for 'Blackout'.

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