Leading The Pack... No Lie

There are several underground female emcees that have been emerging throughout 2019. In fact, there is more than the hip-hop community has ever had, and most are making music that relates to both genders. AGAIN, we would like to highlight the importance of relating to both genders as a female emcee. One of the shining stars in this group of artists is T-Spazz.

Her newest single 'No Lies' finds her teamed up once again with North Lane Beatz. The pair have made multiple hits over the course of 2019. However, 'No Lies' is by far the best T-Spazz song to have dropped in our opinion. There is something beyond lit about hearing real talk music from a female emcee. T-Spazz shines lyrically and also with her delivery. You truly get the street feeling that you would expect from male artists primarily. The beat is perfect for the cadence that pops that T-Spazz brings to the table. Her ability to adapt to beats is well above par, and yet again, she showcases this amazing ability. This song is also a nice contrast to other T-Spazz drops which usually have R&B elements. With 'No Lies', you get a bop! Stream this bop directly below and follow T-Spazz on Twitter & Instagram to keep up with more from this leading lady. We are always proud to cover any of her music. This one is a hit and we can promise that!

Artwork: B-L1FE aka L1FEGFX

T-Spazz additional contact information is available on her soundcloud page.