Last Of A Dying Breed

What is the rarest thing that exists in the music world these days? The answer is real ones. Time continues to prove the industry is changing into a world filled with finesses and smoke and mirrors. However, there are still some true creatives out chasing their dreams, and these rare few are doing so in a professional, honest manner. One of those creatives is Jux Bravo. He is a hard working artist who lets his craft speak for him and that is just what he did with his newest single 'Real Ones' which includes a feature from rising underground star lilpopout.

The sight of those two names on the same track should have already grabbed your attention. lilpopout began to bridge the mainstream/underground gap at the end of 2018 and well into this year. Jux Bravo has been a name that isn't in your face but doesnt seem to go away. He applies pressure without snapping a single twig. This single is no exception as he delivers another hit. The balance he has within his multiple styles is fascinating. He is one of the few artists who gives a product that you cant already summerize. With 'Real Ones', we get the more textured, ambient Jux Bravo that we here at SupportArt fell in love with the minute we heard 'Troopah'. The beat and mood of the song gel perfectly with the addition of the featuring artist. Jux Bravo shows through his work how methodical and precise he is. Even when it comes to features, he is an artist who covers every base when it comes to his sound and how it is presented. A huge salute also goes out to the production and engineering of this song. The quality has always been there for Jux, but this song seems to be a little bit more crisp than anything we had heard yet.

We hope that you guys enjoy the latest work by Jux Bravo as much as we did. It can be found on our home page as the featured project, and it is available on every streaming platform from Spotify to SoundCloud. You can stream 'Real Ones' featuring lilpopout directly below! Make sure you follow Jux Bravo on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE.

Our only complaint would be not enough music from Jux in 2019. We know that only bigger things await him going into the new year!