Last Of A Dying Breed

We have noticed a lot of blogs and brands asking artists whether or not they can get better. This seems absurd to us. No matter who you are, what you do, and what point of your career you are in there is room for improvement. Not many think like this especially in the music industry when audio quality, art quality, and content are continuing to dwindle.

Then you have artists like K!NG who we have been blessed to cover regularly over the last year. Every drop he finds a way to be better. When talking to him about the new EP 'Last One' he said he has really been focused on the audio engineering quality and his singing vocals. Both are now better because of him and his engineer, and the mindset that you can always get better. Stream 'Last One' directly below with features from artists like Jordan Taylor and Hate Smoke and production from the likes of xenshel, dead spyro, and more before reading our track by track review.


Right Here

We previously covered this song when it dropped as a single. To be short and sweet, it is amazing, and that is the reason it has already had the success it has. You can catch up more on just that song on the blog page of the website and app for android.


Gucci Teardrops

This was probably the most K!NG like track from this EP. If you could say what you expected, this would have been the vibe you probably would envision. K!NG does not make bad music, so this song is a great listen with a great beat produced by dead spyro. We feel it sets up the next 3 tracks very well.


Hold My Lean

This is the wake up call. If you could envision the opposite of track 2, you have 'Hold My Lean'. K!NG finds himself in his pocket and still within his niche but on a beat and vibe that is filled with texture and a grunge element. This track was amazing, but after a few listen-throughs we cannot decide if track 3, 4, or 5 is our personal favorite.


Broken feat. Jordan Taylor

These two go together like Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. Always good music to be expected. We wont give it away, but the track melody, and even some of the vocal structuring is a play off of a song and pays great homage to said song. That alone along with the contrast in these two amazing artists styles makes this a must listen.


Worthless feat. Hate Smoke

The first thing that jumps out about this song is the quality. It is superb. Honestly, you could go from a mainstream hit to this on the same monitors and most likely say this one has the better audio quality. K!NG showcases the hard work on his singing on this track and just as a cherry on top Hate Smoke slides through with a terrific feature verse on the back half of the song.

Again, K!NG continues to grow his inner empire and does not disappoint.

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