L.I.T. Indeed

Sorry X has released her new 5 track EP, and it is truly a work of art. To get things started, if you wondering who the surprise feature would be, it was 916frosty which is a dream collaboration. It also shows that Sorry X is no longer on the same level as the entire underground. Artists like 916frosty, Sorry X, Original God, Global Dan, B-L1FE, and some others are what we would call mid major artists. They are the artists just a few steps away from breaking through. This EP will definitely only help with the upward rise of Sorry X. All 5 songs are very melodic and a little more hip-hop based than even we expected. The consensus so far is that the best song is the first song of the EP where you can find the feature by 916frosty. That song is titled 'Subject To Change' and was produced by NIcasso Beats. It does an exceptional job of capturing the alternative rock aspect that Sorry X mentioned being the direction of the EP is a conversation before its release. Her sound has grown so much. She sounds beyond radio and industry ready. Her and 916frosty definitely vibe very well together and the transitions between the two are done to perfection. The second song gives you a deep dive into who Sorry X is as a person and how she works. The song will relate to millions and is simply amazing. Her melodic singing is perfectly fit around the beats which she picks exceptionally well. She has a gift of knowing what her sound is and different ways to use it without compromising herself as an artist. The second of five songs is titled 'Changed My Mind" and was produced by hxrxkiller. Track 3 takes us back to the more alternative rock side versus the melodic hip-hop. Track 3 is titled 'Kiss My Wrists' and you could truly think you were listening to Amy Lee. This song is a hit in every sense of the word. The beat and its guitar breaks along with a beautiful bridge by Sorry X makes it a joy to listen to. The content is related to mental health and the way she touches on it is different then just poking at the taboo like we see mainstream artists do. It is a more in your face approach from someone who relates on a personal level like so many artists do. Track 3 was probably our personal favorite of the EP. The beat was extraordinary so we must mention that Track 3 was produced by Fantom. Track 4 was the single 'Even Stevens' that we covered late in 2018. The collaboration of Sorry X and Original God has been highly reviewed by several blogs, brands, and even appeared within hundreds of curated playlists as well as PlayMade Radio and their DJ sets. The presence of both melodic hip-hop and rock in such a concurrent form within both artists performance makes the single a classic. It is up there with Sorry X songs like 'Fading' and 'Ashes'. Track 5 is a more refrained song, as we get a very ambient acoustic guitar centered instrumental from SOGIMURA. The vocals are very different than anything we have heard from Sorry X and at times the song teeters a line of being pop almost, but it works very well. It isnt Barbie doll pop sounding. Its just more of a positive powerful song that leaves listeners with a sense of joy as they depart from listening to 'Lost In Translation'. Track 5 is titled 'Seven Seconds' and it really makes you wanting a Sorry X album. It is only a matter of time before you hear her voice on every medium known. This project is a 10/10 and is a must listen for any music fan. There is no genre. There is only beautiful art. Follow Sorry X on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE as you enjoy the EP 'L.I.T.' directly below. This project is available on all streaming platforms!