Keezy Does It

Our YouTube promotion service is honestly second to none. The minute we announced it, clients began to flood our direct messages on Twitter. What makes it even better is the exceptional talent that we have been able to help reach a bigger audience. Artists like Stoney, Jux Bravo, and Wavy Banx are just a few who honestly delivered remarkable visuals along with remarkable music to accompany them.

Our latest client is Keezy and the music video for his single 'Batman - Remix'. We get the chance to review this video and give you feedback on how we saw the visuals Keezy put forth. First, stream the video directly below and see if our review lines up with how you saw things.

With a title like 'Batman', you expect the corny use of all things Christian Bale to introduce the video to introduce the viewers. Instead, you get a light vaporwave overlay that glitches in and out on top of a scene of Keezy in an abandoned building with graffiti covered walls. If you didnt know this, we here at SupportArt absolutely love the new craze in art known as vaporwave. Its a light influence. There are no windows 98 templates framing the video or purple dolphins swimming in the sky, but the chinese typography definitely draws the viewer in. Outside of that, the initials moments introduce us to a dark melodic beat that you know has a huge drop after its intro sequence.

Keezy has the type of flow that will make you run back this song more than once. The lyricism is levels above others in the industry. Perfect engineering allows for the syntax and content to be properly highlighted. The raw voice slides all over the instrumental and makes it to where you cannot help but bop your head. There are even a few points where Keezy transitions to singing (also great) without effort. The video does a good job of highlighting Keezy but not making it to where you feel like you sat and stared at a man rapping for 3 minutes. The b role makes the song even more hype and is inserted perfectly. The director panned as he shot the scenes with Keezy giving the frames motion and therefore life.

Altogether, this is a solid 10 out of 10. The song is excellent. The video doesnt do too much and captures the exact message that Keezy wants to portray. Its always good when a hit song is done justice by a hit music video.