One thing new SA alum DAI has that seperates him from almost every artist known is energy. Not only is it the energy he carries and unleashes into his music, but it also how he has control of that energy. Lately, a trend beginning is artists who are high energy letting it affect their audio quality. This has never been a problem with DAI. He was actually taken projects down to enhance audio quality before doing his major marketing. Now, the energy is back to keep you bumping in 2020 with a new EP titled '4'.

The EP features 3 tracks with two carrying features. Track 1, 'BLICKY', features G.DaYungboy, and track 2, 'FIST FIGHT' features appearances by OYN KING and G.DaYungboy. Both songs, features included, deliver the energy with that new age twist. 'BLICKY' is a perfect example and would remind listeners a lot of artists like $not, Jasiah, or Comethazine. The deep textured tone of G.DaYungboy is a perfect compliment to the new age hype tone that DAI uses so well. Also, the production on this EP is excellent. The third track is a solo performance titled 'NOT WITH ME (bipolar)'. Track 3 definitely carries a different vibe while keeping that energy. Its a more personal side of DAI that listeners probably wouldnt be accustomed to. He yet keeps it industry ready and hides a lot of the darker lines in punchlines and metaphors. DAI starts 2020 right with immediate growth and very memorable songs that should have yall knocking for at least a couple months. This year will be big for this SupportArt artist. Follow him on social media via the highlighted text ahead (Twitter & Instagram) and stream the new project directly below. Also, dont forget to follow this young powerful creative on SoundCloud before you depart!