Jux Bravo Takes Lil Bank

Big bank takes lil bank it has been said. Jux Bravo is a huge vibe and mood rolled into one amazing artist and his song 'Big Bank' does not break from that pattern. Jux Bravo shows off his one of a kind style not only with the music he makes, but every last piece of his aesthetic from his music videos to his photo edits. He is truly one of a kind.

If you expected melodic, you were right on the money. Jux Bravo is highly regarded for his summer time vibe sound that he has recently been showing he can seemingly integrate with anything. 'Big Bank' which was produced by Stunnah is no switch up, as the water filled cover art would suggest, from the summer feelings. As winter approaches, lets be honest... we all want those summer feelings back. Not the heat, just the feelings. If that is true, then this is the perfect song for you. It can be found on all major streaming platforms as well as soundcloud. Even though we were focusing on the YouTube video for the official audio, you can also stream it from various other sources that Jux Bravo has directly below as well as the YouTube video.

Although this release is from earlier this year, expect much more in the near future from this wonderful creative. To keep tabs, his social media accounts are linked below.