Joy To The World

The time of covering bbyking singles is now over as he released his EP 'IM NOT OKAY'. Stream the project directly below followed by our review.


TRACK 1 - Take My Chain (Prod. Spyder)

The evolution in the singing and quality of bbyking's music is apparent form the very beginning. All the small flickers of light we have had the pleasure to cover of the last year have now all come together. The beat by Spyder is not what we would expect from this artis but he uses it in a way to make it his sound. This song is simply amazing. In every facet.

TRACK 2 - Fucked Up feat. Hydn Prblms (Prod. Charlie Shuffler)

The acoustic guitar is much more expected from bbyking, and it is a very missing element in hip hop currently. This song is a perfect end of summer vibe. We are sure this song will relate to a lot of listeners. If it doesnt at the current moment, it definitely relates to a past moment. Another excellent effort by bbyking and an excellent appearance by Hydn Prblms. The acoustic beat by Charlie Shuffler is excellent as well.

TRACK 3 - Close My Eyes feat. Sorry X (Prod. Ramsey)

Another daily rising name is Sorry X. She possesses a tremendous voice and her song structures are out of this world. The beat by Ramsey bridges the small gap between these two artists styles. bbyking lets out a lot of deep content lyrics which only helps set up the appearance by Sorry X. The two show why they are two of the absolute best in the underground. This track is everything we expected and more. Sorry X almost gives you vibes that remind you of the late Chester Bennington.

TRACK 4 - Alone Part 2 feat.Suckerpunk (Prod. fanguin)

This song was our least favorite. It is a good song but it doesnt seem to fit in sonic fashion with the rest of the EP. As a song in itself, it has some very clever punchlines by bbyking that were unexpected. The feature by Suckerpunk helps bring the song back to the vibes the first three tracks gave. Exceptional feature placement by bbyking and all involved in this project. The beat by fanquin is also tremendous. We wish a more somber sound came from the bbyking parts but another great song.

TRACK 5 - Call Me feat. Kevin Kazi & July (Prod. July)

We got the chance to review this earlier this year as a single off this project. You can find that article on our blog page. A brief overview. When you have producer/singer July on something you are guaranteed to have a catchy song. This song is more upbeat while maintaining the flow of the EP. It is honestly a nice upswing by bbyking and the featuring cast.

TRACK 6 - IM NOT OKAY feat. July (Prod. Spyder)

This time its Spyder with the production and July again with a beautiful feature. The EP titled track is one for the ages. The beat by Spyder is out of this world. The vocals by bbyking gi ve you chills from the very moment. When you hear it, it sounds like the finale. All the anger, pain, sadness that is left is released. This song is so perfect there are not words for it. Hats off to bbyking for this one.

In review, all 6 songs are excellent. We highly recommend song 1 and 6 especially. Make sure to follow the WAYV WRLD alum bbyking on Twitter HERE.

We expect big big things from him and his team in the future.

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