Jeez, He Can Flow

Our freestyle contests got some great entries. Most forgot to include a way to contact them, but even if that had included that, our winner would still be Jeez.

The competition was simple. Send a 30 to 60 second video freestyle. Winner gets to be a spotlight artist free of charge and wins a cash prize. Among the many entries, one immediately caught our attention. You may have seen it on the homepage of the website. If you haven't I would highly recommend you go view it now. Jeez not only came with exceptional bars, but the directing of the video sealed the deal. We would love to shoutout the artists who came in behind him but the focus needs to be on the winner. After winning, our team looked more into Jeez. What we would was amazing. A catalog full of hit after hit after hit. A fresh take on hip-hop along with a deep connection to the sound the Bronx and Brooklyn made famous made Jeez not only our winner, but one of the top underground rappers around at this time.

As part of being the winner, he got to choose which song of his would be in the SA Spotlight. He chose 'OK x 4 Money'. The cover is the infamous Dragon Ball Z character Frieza which already makes people want to tune in. Especially with how big anime AMVs have become in terms of promotion and snippets on social media. In this song, we get what we expect... PURE GOLD.

Stream the SA Spotlight by Jeez below and you can find the video that won him the competition on our home page!