Its A Sure Thing

AJ Chaka has been covered a few times by us. The music has always been good and quality but he often finds himself deep inside the niche or sub-genre that the song we are covering would be filed into. 2020 is a new year and we know that AJ Chaka spent a lot of last year setting up his moves that he is now manifesting. His newest single is one of those manifestations and is a song that is truly radio ready for every audience with his recent drop of 'No Worries'.

It is still a very artistic work by AJ Chaka. When we say radio ready, we mean the beat and flow are more of what you would expect from a song you would find on Rap Caviar or hear in a large cities main hip-hop station. AJ Chaka likes to push the limits in terms of sound and vibe and sometimes that can steer a listener away until an artist is established. We feel AJ did an excellent job appealing to all target audiences with this one. Hearing this song and becoming a fan will only make more out of the box works like 'All Sides' that much better. It is the same kind of situation in relation to his 2019 project 'The Growth Tape' which is filled with high energy while 'No Worries' gives audiences those mellow meaningful bars on a beat a little more present day sounding. Salute to the producer ZELL MARLEY for his work on the newest single as well. You can stream 'No Worries' via Spotify and SoundCloud directly below. Also, if you have enjoyed this article and the music, please follow AJ Chaka on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE to keep current with his moves the minute they happen! We are excited to hear what else AJ has planned for us all this year!