It Isn't Refining If You Are Making The Lane

As we began writing this review over AyoKipp's newest drop 'Lost Vibes' we wanted to say how he had refined multiple new age styles and you can hear small amounts of so many new age and influential artists in his singing and flow but then we realized something. He isnt refining these styles and making them sharper... he is showing how to execute on a true recording artist level with this song. Whether its the Childish Gambino adlibs on the hook or the J Cole flow that stamps the second verse in your mind immediately, AyoKipp truly is a polished artist that you cant draw a comparison to unless you want to draw a spider web. 'Lost Vibes' is truly a hit. AyoKipp is truly an artist to watch. Everything about this and his entire catalog show an industry ready artist all the way down to the aesthetic of his cover art. He is a great representation of the style and talent that represents the Midwest. This Toledo product is soon to a nationwide known name. His attention to detail shows that he grew up around music even down to implementing jazz elements and other genres into his works. Follow AyoKipp on Twitter HERE to stay up to date with this artist who is back to the hustle and better than ever. Stream the single 'Lost Vibes' and even more directly below!