There are not many names that carry the amount of respect as that of Houston mogul and creative genius Ace McCain. Texas knows him, but his reach has far extended into California, Georgia, and beyond. He has been a vital piece of the puzzle in helping many brands reach the level of success they’re currently at and also has founded and runs several brands that tie back directly to him. Earlier this year during a phone call Cain said one thing that really stood out and that was, “I always tied myself to a brand and now people need to know me”.

That statement is beyond true. As a musician or creative of any kind, your job is to brand yourself. When your name is said, do people see pictures and hear music? Cain excels at branding at such a high level that sometimes it’s hard to think of him as… just him. This is where CainSeason enters. It is all that Cain stands for from things such as food drives to making sure the youth can get off school buses and to their homes safely. In itself, CainSeason is a brand. A non-profit organization built to give back in the purest of forms. The brand is the man. The man is the brand.

The CainSeason vision is beginning to manifest itself with a rapid fashion with the help of a wide network of coverage from blog placements to live interviews. Now the want to give is possible and with each day the growth of possibilities only increases. There is a lot that will tie into CainSeason in the end, but for now Ace McCain is taking his vision one day at a time. He follows the vision knowing he doesn’t want to brand this brand, but rather it be who he is. Via actions and noble deeds, it will act as a biography for a man who has given his all to the underground culture.

Even with CainSeason, Ace McCain still remains the powerhouse we know and love. His artist agency, CWCMF, continues to grow and collaborate with some of the best brands and talent on the earth. You still see flashes of 777Services, CWUSA, and all the other pieces of the pyramid Cain has built. You still see the rise of REDSCALEMAG and DXXD RICH Clothing which continues to have a vital hand in forming those two companies. All in all, the success is still growing. New music is lurking around the corner that brings back the memories of the music that first catapulted him into the alpha dog role. He simply needs people to know him. Not as a brand, not as a logo, not as a website, but as a human being. CainSeason will be him and where his heart will always be.

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Follow Cain On Twitter HERE