Houston native and representative Ace McCain is known for being one of the biggest influences in hip-hop in general, not just the underground. He has business ventures to the point some are still not announced. However, some often forget his core, and that is his music. An artist known for the patented Houston sound, Ace uses real life experiences and clever punchlines to put himself ahead of the pack in the music word.

Ace McCain Performing Live: Also Pictured CMF [RIGHT]

During a recent phone interview with Ace himself he told us, "man... I hate the CEO politics shit. Im done with that. People forget I am an artist myself. I do right by artists because I would want the same done to me. Now, its time to focus on Cain and who that is an artist not as a CEO".These are strong words, but our CEO would probably agree completely. B often speaks about the sadness that comes along with being an artist first but being hated for our success as a whole or dealing with his design clients meticulous changes that are a daily occurrence. However, Ace McCain deals with it all so well. To know the man personally, you know that the last two years he has faced more adversity than some will in a lifetime. He just keeps his tunnel vision and works. Now, he is working on him. Sometimes CEOs who are artists love their brands to the point that they bury their name under the brand itself, and this happens unintentionally. Cain is ready for his reemergence onto the front lines of hip-hop. It is now official #CAINSEASON.

So, for now lets forget (not completely) about Dash Radio, REDSCALEMAG, Welcome Hxme, SupportArt, The Wolf Clvb, CWCMF, CWUSA, and all of the brands he owns or helps to the max, and lets focus on his music which you can stream directly below.

You can also find his music on all major platforms with new music soon approaching.

Also tap in to the true purpose behind #CAINSEASON which is a non-profit effort put together by Ace McCain himself to give back and help protect his communities youth. You can follow them on Twitter HERE. Also follow the man himself on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE.

Also Stream On Spotify HERE