Into The Asylum

SA is putting on our new signed artists as much as possible. The latest Q&A is with new recording artist and producer Psych Ward. Below you can find out more about the man who is overly humble but speaks powerful, revolutionary volumes.

Q: First full length project is in the works. Can you give us the project name?

A: "Im calling it 'Internal Monologues'"

Q: Are the features set and if not who would you like to have on the project with you?

A: "All of the songs are just me. They're all done so maybe features on the next one."

Q: Who is your favorite producer on the project or did you self produce it?

A: "This one is all self produced."

Q: How much time did it take to write the material for the project?

A: "Its a collection of every track I've done over the last seven years. I just recently decided to put it together."

Q: Does the project have a clear path?

A: "Not so much. Theres a general theme having to do with either depression or politics, but enough of the tracks on it dont fit that for it have a unifying theme. Its mostly an introduction of my thought process and ability."

Q: What is your plan after this project when it comes to the follow up?

A: "After this one the plan is a big project Im calling 'Diagnosis'. At my last count it had 20+ tracks that will be on it. This one is going to be taking a look at mental illness. However, I want to approach it as a more informative thing rather than relying on violence or stereotypes. The goal is to help understand what people with mental illness go through and how it affects them and those around them. Im doing interviews with people and doing research to make sure it fits the spirit I'm aiming for."

Q: So can we expect some amazing skits and interludes on 'Diagnosis'?

A: "I think so. Its still mostly in the conceptual stage right now so I cant say for sure. However, its definitely something I've considered."

Q: If you could pick 3 artists to be featured on the 2nd project that aren't mainstream who would you love to work with?

A: "I have to say Angry Orphan would definitely be one. I think he'd get the spirit of it. Same with B-L1FE. But for the third, no specific names come to mind right now. I do know I'd want it to be someone that I know would have a good understanding of mental illness, either through first or second hand experience."

Q: You were recently signed to SA. How has this changed your music career?

A: "There hasnt been too big of a change, but the SA team has a bunch of very talented artists to work with, and I can say for certain that there is going to be a lot of amazing collaboration projects with them in the future."

Q: Anything you would like to add or that we missed in conclusion?

A: "Apart from the major projects that we talked about, I've got a small EP I'm hoping to have out by the end of October. There's also some dope collabs going on that'll be announced when the time is closer. I also want to say that SA is a great team, and I'm proud to be a part of it."