Insert Applause

All of 2019, you have heard, "D Cravo leveled up... D Cravo leveled up". Although true, we refuse to be a broken record especially in regards to a creative with the talent level and strong will that this Kentucky native possesses. He is truly bringing the Midwest sound and culture with every release, and with each, he gets vastly better. The newest music video for his single 'Big Bag' is no exception. That is why this blog is titled insert applause. Thats all we can... or throw roses at a stage or maybe just toss a graduation cap into the air. The song is amazing. The visuals are so close to VEVO level material that is it is truly an honor from us here at SupportArt to not only present to you the OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO for 'Big Bag' directly below, but to have also covered an amazing artist like Dylan (D Cravo) since 2018. His growth has been beyond what words can express. Impressive, astonishing, and all those other long fancy words just dont seem to properly summarize who and what D Cravo and his music have become. Follow him on Twitter HERE and remember history repeats itself. That means more moves and new heights for D Cravo in 2020 and hopefully we will have the honor of covering those moves and heights. Until the next hit this young creative releases, enjoy the new video and more!

Also we would like to give props to the people D Cravo credits heavily for the success he has had this year. Among that list of names are Young Micah, Swubby, Gh0stb4by, B-L1FE, Yung N ICy, and many more. One thing that we know is that nothing will make D Cravo switch up. Underground... please follow suit and keep this energy!