In Depth With Donny Wo

We have had the honor of interviewing and learning so much about some of the must unique artists this year it has been surreal. Another unique name making a lane for himself in the industry is Donny Wo who we have done previous blog reviews over. His music is stellar so we got the chance to ask some more in depth questions. We learn a little about past, present, and future in our Q&A with Ohio native Donny Wo which you can read in full below. Also make sure to click the play button the SoundCloud and Spotify links so you can enjoy his music yourself.

Q: Who is Donny Wo as an artist and what do you bring to the table?

A: "I am a free spirit artist and just me. That is all I can bring to the table."

Q: What would you say is your best project or song currently out and what future releases should we all be on the look for?

A: "I'd say my best project is the album, 'Indecisive', I just released. However, my favorite song of mine is an older one called 'Goodmorning'. You can find it on SoundCloud, but I love the vibe of that track.I have a song called 'Stamina' dropping soon which I also love."

Q: What kind of vibe can we expect from the upcoming track 'Stamina'?

A: "Its more of a real rap feeling song. I want my fans to know that I can rap. Im not made up of strictly melodic songs. I just have an ear for good sounds. I feel like this song will receive great feedback."

Q: How big do you see 2019 being for you and who helps you and who would you say helps you continue to push your career forward?

A: "2019... is the year where the biggest things will happen. I know that something major is going to jump off. As far as helping me push, everyone I keep around me helps: my producer T.C. Trillz, photographers (Atmostvisuals), my fans, brands like SupportArt. All of this helps me keep pushing towards the ultimate goal. I gave up on everything else for this dream so its only one direction to go and that is up."

Q: You arent exactly underground anymore. With that being said, in what ways do you still give back to that community?

A: "I will always love the underground. I will always love my hometowns, Youngstown & Kent. Right now, I've been focusing on making this dream come true so I havent had much free time. When things start getting better, you can bet that Im going to find all sorts of ways to help and grow the places that raised me."

Q: Why did you come to a brand like SupportArt insteadd of the endless promotion agencies that are available? Is a label's backing different than your everyday promotion team?

A: "Well, one thing about me is I never want to really sign to a record label. Me and my manager still have to figure out all of that. But the support and outreach is bigger, and the platform is already established. I trust my management to find good business and conduct it themselves."

Q: Outside of music, what other crafts do you pursue or have?

A: "Basketball. I will always love playing ball. Sometimes I wish I played in college but other than that I really enjoy all types of art. Im very artistic I would say."

Q: What advice would you give young or new artists just entering this industry?

A: "You just gotta keep grinding and going when it starts to get hard. Everybody hits that point in this business. Trust that something will happen and dont give up."

Q: What inspires you when you have writers' block?

A: "I usually just stop and come back to it. There is never a reason or need to force anything. Your ideas are already in your head, you just have to let them flow out at the right time. Timing and what is going on with you as a person have a lot to do with your content."

Q: Anything you would like to add before we conclude your Q&A with SupportArt?

A: "I just want to say thanks again for this interview and be on the look out for the new songs I have coming out. I just made some fire last night. Probably my best so get ready."