In A Trippy State

One of our newest spotlight artists embodies what it means to be different and unique. TripMore recently dropped a new project '..Then December Came' and we are here to give you a run down of all 5 tracks.

Track 1: 'WhiteGirl'

The track to kick off the project has a dark feel but is packed with clever lyricism. TripMore even does his own play on MGK's chorus from 'Rap Devil'. This song is perfect to set the tone of the project.

Track 2: 'Robin Williams'

TripMore speeds up the flow on track two. He keeps the dark vibe but also rides all over a trap like beat. Add some lofi cuts, and you have a hit. The content is amazing, and the producer did an amazing job of blending multiple styles. The lyrics also will relate heavily with everything the music community has recently been going through.

Track 3: 'JerseyThaTrippa'

You like Travis Scott's latest album? You still vibe to 'Butterfly Effect' like it is brand new? This track is perfect for you. Not that TripMore can be compared to any rapper we have heard this year or any other, but the vibe is trippy and wavy. The verses go in a lot harder with the flow being grimy and deep. Clean mixing and great syllables combos bring track three together. If there is one thing we noticed by track 3, its that TripMore has an incredible ability of adapting and fitting his beats, which he used a diversified style throughout '..Then December Came'. Also you get some baby making vibes with this track so the ladies reading should start at track three and figure out which way to go.

Track 4: 'Misery Loved Me'

Another excellent beat and engineering make this track immediately stand out. TripMore may be one of the most versatile rappers we have covered. He reminds our corporate team of Marc The Prophet on this track. It is short, but it is very sweet. The hook is catchy and again puts you in the trippy mood we were all in listening to 'AstroWorld'. Overall an excellent track. The sampled vocals and adlibs have the perfect effects on them to make track four the most cohesive on the project. Definitely not a song you want to pass up on your journey through the TripMore catalog.

Track 5: 'Corrective Measures Plan'

The project is concluded with another unique vibe and sound. This track is probably the most heartfelt track we got from the project. Again, TripMore makes his vision a reality via top notch mixing and mastering, a great beat, and an understanding of how he wanted to use the instrumental. This song is a play on Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance' in only a way we thought XXXTentacion could have pulled off.

In summary, you should not sleep on this project or TripMore in general. We cannot say one song was even sub par. Listen to '..Then December Came' below and enjoy as much as us here at SupportArt did!