I Mean.... GOT DAMN

Most artists relax before their album single drops. Instead SA founder B-L1FE and the very first artist to ever be picked up by SA NOTfree dropped a hit, 'GOT DAMN', on the 13th. B-L1FE was extra that day also dropping a feature with HOMEBOY760 on all platforms titled 'Knocked Down' and a trio song with THR111 Records members R-KNE & LXR111 with the single 'Revelations'. All three give different vibes and all are good songs but 'GOT DAMN' stands leagues above all the music released by the underground this week. We wanna give you some inside facts about the creation of the bop made by NOTfree & B-L1FE.

FACT 1: The entire track was constructed, written, recorded, mixed, and mastered in the same day. The track has no specific purpose, just creatives being creatives. NOTfree asked B if he was down to lay a verse on something. That something was the first half of the song which Free had written and recorded that morning. Of course if you have ever heard 'Wasted Time' by Free & B, you know these two make magic. B-L1FE opened the email containing 'GOT DAMN' which was not yet the title and had a verse written within 30 mins. Recorded his parts instantly and mixed and mastered it altogether. There was only one little hold up. The beat wasn't leased. Well these 2 went ahead and did that two purchasing the beat and instantly uploading to the FAITHxVICTORY distribution.

FACT 2: This track and the first collab 'Wasted Time' along with the B-L1FE tracks that have a NOTfree feature (Fortnite & Smoke) led to the two now planning a twenty plus album together. We will surely keep you updated as that project, which will land on all major platforms, comes along.

FACT 3: The song was originally Free's. B offered to pay for the lease and instead Free sent him a link to the purchase site. B said if he had to go to the site and purchase the beat then it was his song. These are two men who have been working side by side for almost an entire year now, so it was all fun and games but in typical Free fashion, he just wanted the song out for the fans.

FACT4: NOTfree has lowkey been dropping singles on major platforms. 'Kush Cologne' and 'Hate' are the two most recent drops. He also has the track 'What You Need' and can be found on another SA alum song (this alum is also the co-founder) 'NAW FR' alongside the aforementioned kevspeakstruth & FAITHxVICTORY & SA alum K. Horror. It appears the entire SA team is gearing up to leave soundcloud behind and focus on building their major platform catalogs. Since we are speaking of kst, you can find a new feature by him on all platforms alongside Jaya titled 'Pees'. His flow is next level and the song gives you rasta vibes, Saba vibes, and then some other stuff we don't have words for.

FACT 5: The song that you can press play on below is fire. That's how the two artists decided the song title. Upon the first listen of the final render, one could only say "Got damn!". Now go stream it before we crash the Spotify servers with this bop.