I Got 99 Problems But The Gass Aint One

The midwest is often slept on within the hip-hop community. Even SupportArt's signed artists are all from the south. The team mainly resides in Texas, Florida, and Arizona, with one member in Canada. Well, welcome to Louisville and BPTHEGASSGUY.

A member of Visionary Inc. alongside C4 and BigC, this kid does what most hard working rappers from the midwest do and that is rap with a vengence and hard hitting bars. Now he has a 4 track project coming in November. This time he is completely solo. Zero features will appear on the upcoming project titled 'Who Smoked My Roaches?'

Official CoverArt

There is a lot that BP is keeping under the radar including the track list. All we have to go off of is his past work. That led us to his newest release. On a beat produced by Wrongside he is also solo with the song 'Cheesy'. He puts a certain spin on what most would consider trap beats or a mainstream sound. Add one of the catchiest hooks and you find yourself bobbing your head. Once you hear 'Cheesy', you can only be excited.

Listen to 'Cheesy' below and if you know who smoked those damn roaches tell one of the three that make up Visionary Inc. before BPTHEGASSGUY drops a whole fuckload of flames. Keep your eyes open.