Hype Beast

DAI is a creative definitely known for his energy. Pino is a savvy underground producer known for bangers. Put the two together and you get a 4 track EP full of bops. DAI has been marketing this project for some time, and that is apparent if you follow his socials or follow him on Soundcloud. The EP was produced entirely by Pino and is titled 'Mixed Emotions'. The project has two tracks which are solo efforts by the lyrically packed, slick flow having creative DAI. The other two tracks come with feature performances by Japblack, Based Marco, cammysoul, hoodie supreme, and Dope Taf. The features appear on a remix of one of DAI's top performing releases 'Get That PT 2' and track 2 which is titled 'Two Cups' (Dope Taf).

DAI is destined to continue to rise. He shows a glimpse of utter greatness on the track 'OFF THE RIP PART 2'. It was our personal favorite when listening to the EP. Pino and DAI clearly work well together seeing as how their styles complemented each other off rip. Our only criticism is that track 2 and 3 have parts of the beat that seem too busy. Sometimes more is truly less especially with a bouncy, syllable popping flow like DAI has. The project is solid and in a recent quick conversation with DAI he told us this was just the beginning and that his focus is currently on building up his catalog. He is not only on SoundCloud as you can find some of his content on major streaming services. This project is soon to be among that catalog. Press play on 'Mixed Emotions' below as this is truly a level up effort by DAI and hopefully, it makes you want more content from him like it did us. Also follow DAI on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE to touch base and keep tabs on this creative.