How To Really Put The City On

Okay remember when we did the press release for the latest Cody James single? Okay..... remember when that single blew up and then some? Well, its that time again. Cody is gearing up for another single drop sometime in April and he is helping take the booming talent in his area with him.

The song has an official release date of 4/?/2019. The artwork was released last night along with the featuring artist who is young rising star MUD from Illinois and is titled 'Really Blessed'. We had a brief discussion with Cody about the upcoming song and how big it is following up a hit song.

Official CoverArt Designed By B-L1FE

Q: In your own words, how did the success of 'All Gas No Breaks' feel?

A: "I'll be transparent. It gave me this feeling of relief, which then made me complacent for awhile. I didnt write for a month, and I mean literally anything. It took a really good friend who is now my manager to be like, "Toon, you got momentum. Dont stop. You're no where near where you want to be". That being said to me then put the no brakes mindset back into me. Now, I look back on that song's success, and it pushes me to create almost daily."

Q: Describe MUD as an artist and why was there such a want/need to create with him?

A: "I've made it clear that Im ready to give this city of mine something special. There is so much talent in my area and MUD is one of those artists. His ability to create visions vividly with literally just words impresses me. He was a poet before music, but his ability to rap is really becoming second nature. I heard his voice on a beat I had the minute the beat started. We had talked for months about doing something but now is the right time for him and I to team up."

Q: What created the concept for 'Really Blessed' especially with the current state your music career is headed?

A: "Mo and I were just sitting in the car freestyling one day, and I came across this beat. I figured it would be dope to throw an anthem for all the independent females on it, but do it on some really smooth shit. A few days later, he had his verse ready to go as did I and thats that. The title itself is really just a reflection of the feeling on having things done: rent on time, bills paid, etc. That perspective switch where we see things as "oh we paid this or that for the month" when there are people out here struggling to eat let alone pay bills. So, those that can do that should feel really blessed."

Q: Would you now consider music to be your career?

A: "Yeah, most definitely. Dont get me wrong, I am still working a 9-5, but Im hoping to be done within the next few years at most. Then, I can solely focus on my art."

Q: Is 'Really Blessed' another piece to your upcoming EP?

A: "Honestly, this is more of a "damn this is fire lets just drop it" single. It will be totally separate from the EP."

Q: Why do you think creatives make such amazing music, especially when it is a collaboration, at random?

A: "In all reality, "good" music is made at random. There is no internal pressure to sit down and force yourself to write. I think theres a lot more fun in it when its random, especially within a collab."

Q: When will we finally hear you and another SA artist on a track together?

A: "I definitely have some content with B-L1FE on the way, Siroka may have a hook on the EP to go along with his long list of production credits, kst is a fingers crossed situation that we can get a single done soon, and Deon Williams and I have talked for awhile about getting something done and laid down together."

Q: What is it like having someone like Deon Williams now with the team, and explain your story with him prior to you both being members?

A: "Its cool for sure having Deon on board. This is a collective of some of the best underground artists (wont be underground much longer) and he fits our mold. Deon and I go back about a year. He was looking for promo as my twitter was growing, and I helped him out with that. We have an inside joke that I owe him five dollars since that is what he initially paid for the promo."

Q: Is the official release date for 'Really Blessed' really going to be 4/?/2019?

A: "Thats a surprise. I have a lot of content coming soon, but this is going to be a surprise drop. All you need to know is April."

Q: Anything we missed or that you would like to add to conclude this Q&A with your brand SupportArt?

A: "Just know this is a year of all gas and no breaks."

Now you all know. Sometime in April, you will get a hit from Cody James featuring MUD. Below take a flashback at Cody James before 'All Gas No Breaks' and SA, and you can also get a feel for MUD as his music is linked directly below as well.