How To Properly Rep Yo City

Some people seem to intertwine with their communities. From their stage names to their general presence as an artist to the ways they in tow give back. One artist, who you can tell is clearly from Indianapolis, Indiana, who is on the rise is LilFlex_317.

Offering a fresh, raw tone to what is currently running the genre, LilFlex gives a new take to the game. Incorporating cadence switches over classic samples and 808 instrumentals, it is a refreshing approach. Pairing it with top notch visuals, LilFlex is making a very strong push through the underground ranks with a rapid pace.

We got a chanch to ask this artist a few questions and you can view our Q&A, as well as content from LilFlex_317, directly below!

Q: You show a lot of pride for your town. Where does that stem from?

A: "Yeah, its what originally inspired my 3seventeen movement. Im from Indianapolis, and as a whole, I think we a lot of unique talent and a few different unique artists that are capable of bring a lot to the table. Indy is one of those places though. We dont have a bunch of culture icons, and I dont want to say we are slept on as much as we can be looked over at times, which stems the drive I have to stand out. Not just for me but for my city."

Q: How slept on would you say the Midwest music scene is?

A: "I'd say it gets snoozed on pretty often unless you just so happen to have that one thing that makes you stand out or literally go viral. Its like the Midwest isnt as credited as other cities with a lot of music coverage, but there is a lot of talent here."

Q: What was your last project and when can we expect the next?

A: "My last project was titles '7P's', and it can be found wherever you can find me on social media. What I have next is another solo project thats still in the works currently. I am working on putting out a '3Seventeen Vol. 1' type tape with singles by me and collaborations from various Indianapolis artists."

Q: Who from Indianapolis would you say inspired or pushed you the most?

A: "As far as inspiration, I would definitely have to say the group of artists I have been surrounded by, and a few others from Indy (Kidd Marcyana, XP, KY In This Bitch, Larry Cartier, FreshDuzIt, Yung Scoop Guala, King Kap, Mark Battles, etc.) were/are inspiring. As for being pushed, everybody that supports me and keeps repping the 3Seventeen movement. Thats what I do it for."

Q: Do you plan the feel your amazing music videos have? When can we expect more on the visual side?

A: "Planning, yes and no. First thing is definitely song selection, and then putting a vibe to it. I definitely have an idea of what I want it to be like, but I like to keep it spontaneous and as free as possible. My biggest priority for upcoming material is obviously visuals. Its what I feel is Im in need of most at the moment. Stay tuned this spring and summer in general!"

Q: Your visual game is already above average, what plans do you have for your music videos to take it to the next level?

A: "My plan with that is to make sure I really bring the energy and feel of the music to life consistently. I have to make it even better than what I currently have out. I just have to make sure my ideas are clear. I got to give it up to all the videographers and photographers that work with me to bring everything together."

Q: Who are your go to guys when it comes to visuals?

A: "My go to guys as of right now for visuals and photos would consist of:

Josh Dage (Jdage_Photography on IG)

Kaytee Lorentzen Photography

Brouder Media

Andrew Rose (_andrewrose on IG)

Phil Bishara

Hunter Paschal



The list goes on, but they definitely deserve some credit. Theres plenty Im looking forward to working with and adding to my creative team.

Q: What advice would you give new or young artists when approaching their visuals?

A: "For one, respect the person that is helping you with your videos. What I mean by that, is if you are the type of person to be filming say guns or drugs in your scenes, make sure your person behind the camera is comfortable with it. Now clearly, if none of your art is associated with that type of material, then this doesnt refer to you, but others please thing about your people. Besides that, keep things authentic but fun for you. Try scripting some ideas out and dont be afraid to see what different edits your camera man has to offer. Its all about experimenting."

Q: Any artists in your camp or area that we should be looking out for who doesnt yet have an established name?

A: "I wouldnt say theyre not established, but some I listen to and I think have potential would consist of AmeriKKKen, Torin Messer, C DUB, and Yung Pajamas. Check them out for sure!"

Q: Anything you would like to add before we conclude your Q&A with SupportArt? A: "Thank you guys for your time and be on the look out for new music and videos. To anyone interested, follow me on any platform (IG, YouTube, Facebook, etc.), just look up Lil Flex. You might to throw in a underscore or 317 but Im there. Its #3Seventeen. Thanks again."

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