How To Accessorize A Hit

Sorry X is back with a single that the underground as a whole has been waiting on. In one of her biggest pre-drop marketing efforts, Sorry X really raised the bar in terms of building hype for her newest track 'Even Stevens'. It was a song that she was clearly proud of from the minute it was complete and her team along with herself did a fantastic job at pushing the songs release. Now that it is on all streaming platforms, fans are running to hear the newest piece of work. We must say, this is our favorite Sorry X song to date. Her vocals continue to get more and more crisp as her personal vocal control strengthens. The confidence she has within her tracks continues to grow and shine which is allowing her to fully set herself apart from all other underground artists. There is only one Sorry X, and the way she utilized her feature on 'Even Stevens' only made it clearer.

Try to think of someone other than Amy Lee when you think of Sorry X? Exactly. It is impossible to even slightly compare her to any other female or male in hip-hop whether it be underground or mainstream. You literally have to venture into different genres to even find a similar sound. Sorry X adds to that genre blur with the feature appearance by Original God who adds a very heavy metal element. The contrast in her ambient high vocal singing and the adlibs and screams on the drops from Original God are opposites living in perfect unison all over a killer instrumental by Tundra Beats. This is a huge drop leading into a 2020 that Sorry X has already hinted at being a gigantic year for her and her supporters! Stream 'Even Stevens' directly below and also follow Sorry X on her social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram!