How A New Face Stands Out

Daily, there is a new handful of recording artists or rappers that begin making music. Some find themselves in soundcloud groups and others lean towards marketing their major platform versions of their releases. But what makes a new face among these many stand out? A unique sound and aesthetic. That is exactly what you receive from the first official release by LIL SAD BOI with his single 'SSB'. The song features GVRCI and was produced by jstormbeats. Along with the single is an official video which you can also view directly below. The song is a great first product to step into the music world with. It takes the new generation emo sound and kind of tilts it on its side in a way we haven't heard it before. The song is rough the first few times, but then you can really hear what the artists were going for the more you hear it. Its one of those catch on songs that you end up loving. Listen for yourself directly below and also follow LIL SAD BOI on Twitter HERE to keep up with the artist directly!