House Music With A Vibe Twist

Most EDM music is furious in nature. Your mind instantly starts to think of Sandstorm and those Bangarang memories that Skrillex gave us during the Dubstep popularity ever. Then you have FKR who just released a single 'Precious Souls' that redefines what you hear when you think of EDM. It is a very ambient heavy track with beautiful vocals. In just 6 short days, the song has taken off on SoundCloud (released by GLOWZOO Records) reaching almost 50k plays as we write this article. The song deserves this attention. That is why we are covering it and also why you can stream 'Precious Souls' (RADIO EDIT) directly below by FKR. This is a perfect song for a genre blending collective like us to cover as it bends the rules of genres and we want to know what genre would you classify this song as? We definitely hear the EDM aspects with some pop influences. Enjoy the single directly below and follow GLOWZOO RECORDS while you're at it to keep tabs on the amazing music coming from the artists they represent and work with!