Home Alone w/ KST

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

You don't see much from kevspeakstruth about himself. Brand Artist of SupportArt, and well known Florida artist/producer is a humble man. He puts on for others more than himself. However, do not sleep on his talent. Already having several projects on major platforms, one being an SA Exclusive 'Jericho', he is gearing up for his newest full length project 'Home Alone'. Below, view the Q&A with kst about his upcoming project. We even dive into his upcoming collab with Xanlon which drops 9/29/18.

Q: What is the story behind your upcoming project 'Home Alone'?

A: "'Home Alone' is the story of Kev realizing who kst is and where he wants to go and what that requires. It takes you through the emotions that not only Im feeling, but the expected emotions of my family and friends. Its the embodiment of leaving everything you love behind to pursue your real dreams and passions. I really wanted this project to sound more cohesive than 'Me, Myself, & I' but still leave much to be discussed in my next project."

Q: How, overall, would you say 'Home Alone' is different from your past projects like 'Midnight Passenger'?

A: "'Home Alone' not only has a much more mature sound but overall, is more specific to me. 'Midnight Passenger' was still personal but was also my first single on Apple Music so it was meant to be a showcase of both my singing and rapping abilities. It was also meant to act as a song most people could just vibe to. This project focuses on me building on my lyricism and storytelling as well as getting to know my voice more and all of the different ways I can use it. It still has vibes but this project is more focused on making one think about things from my perspective: the perspective of someone embarking on a new journey by themself.

Q: Are you the one also engineering the upcoming project?

A "When it comes to the engineering side, I had originally planned to do most of the work. Then SA picked up wa55up who will be handling the entire engineering process now."

Q: So the beats on 'Home Alone' were all produced by you?

A: "Yes. I made all the beats except one which is produced by SupportArt's executive producer Yung N ICy. The track is called 'Numb', and its one of my favorite songs on the project. With that being said, I also wanted to showcase my production abilities throughout the project with different sounds and flips."

Q: How would you say your role in SupportArt as a leader and vocal influence affected the lyrics and direction of 'Home Alone' now that you are a planning on starting your own brand in the near future?

A: "I would say that being in SA actually made me look at the whole project differently. One reason is that I now have a solid group or family of people who have grown to learn more about me and my passions so it made making this project fun and honestly gave me more confidence in it because I know my camp will relate to it a lot. It also gives me a much larger platform to present the project on and got me in contact with wa55up, who is designing the cover and engineering the project. Ultimately, its made the process of actually formatting the project a lot easier."

Q: Are there any features on 'Home Alone', or are you taking the J. Cole route?

A: "Funny you ask that. Being that J. Cole is my idol, Im going to be going the solo route for this project. I dont know if I'll do that with all my personal projects in the future, but for sure with 'Home Alone'. I battled with that idea though, but I felt that since the project is about my lone journey, it makes snese to tell the story alone."

Q: On another note, what can we expect from you upcoming release with Xanlon that releases this Saturday?

A: "Xanlon hit me up wanting to do a feature with me, and I was like 'yeah bro'. After I recorded that, he asked if I would be down to do a collaborative EP. My response: 'Hell Yeahhh'. But that comes after 'Home Alone' of course. So the release on Saturday is like a preview as to the kind of content that will be on that untitled EP."

Q: Will the song that releases Saturday be one of the songs on the untitled EP?

A: "To be honest, we havent decided yet. It really depends on how people react to the song, but Im very excited about it because I think its one of my best verses to date."

Q: How do you think collaborative EPs benefit all artists involved, with B-L1FE announcing an EP with producers Yeoj and Ocho VIII last week, and now, with you announcing an EP with Xanlon?

A: "Well I think it helps bring exposure to both artists in my case. For me, its an opportunity to try different flows and vibes I wouldnt normally do, and it also will showcase my lyrical versatility. I think for Xanlon, its an opportunity to sharpen his sword in a sense. Its like sparring with someone who is going to make him push himself. For B, he is all about love and credit to producers so I like the idea."

Q: Anything you would like to add before we conclude your Q&A about 'Home Alone'?

A: "I just want to say thank you to all the people who have showed love and support over the past few months. Through these last few months, especially with SupportArt, I have been able to grow and expand my brand and music to places I never thought possible at this stage. I am immensely grateful for the opportunities I have received through SA and for the brotherhood I've developed with B-L1FE and Angry Orphan. I truly hope we never never stop growing, pushing, and pursuing the passions we have. I truly hope everybody enjoys this project because it is a deep dive into me. It is full of some of my best and favorite tracks to date. Last thing, remember to always speak your truth!"

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