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The world is in store for a great piece of work to drop very, very soon. We do not know what to even expect, but we are ready to hear 'MXM' by Nicolas Maitre and M^rrow when it releases Friday. Nicolas Maitre was just featured on our TOP 10 UNDERGROUND ARTISTS list and M^rrow and his producer brand Fire Side Beats have already done a Q&A with us. This time Nicolas is the one we set down with to get some details about 'MXM' from. We also dive into what it is like to make a full length project with someone in a different country.

View our Q&A with the man who runs Midwest's Finest Recording Studios, LLC. below.

Q: What is the overall theme of 'MXM'?

A: "Poetry. Like, I could go to a club and kill the show but then turn right around and freeverse the album at a coffee house over some acoustics and get the whole crowd snapping their fingers."

Q: How do you and M^rrow compliment one another's styles?

A: "We both have a deep understanding of the artistic aspect of music, in the sense that we understand how powerful a song can be when the right person hears it. Each track has its own complex feeling and lesson that we wanted to portray to the listeners and I feel like that is what really pulled us and this album together."

Q: What made you guys go the full length album route with this project?

A: "M^rrow and I had sent maybe 5 songs back and forth that we collabed on together and one day he just asked if I'd do a full length project with him. I was down, obviously, and we didnt really have any expectations of what we would be making after that but said '10 days or 10 months, lets just make something great'. There was never really a timeframe, no set amount of songs, and no limitations on what we could do. From there, the ball just kept rolling."

Q: How does the artwork for the album help portray the story of this project?

A: "It is very straightforward, but its details have never ending density just like the album. You have your centerpiece, the title, the credits, and that is it. However, you can stare at this cover for days while listening to the album and still feel like you havent paid attention to all the information your brain is receiving about it. It shares a likeness with 'Rosie the Riveter' and almost feels as if it could be the face of a movement: 'going to war with music as our weapon' or something along that line. Also, shoutout to B-L1FE for making the artwork possible."

Official 'MXM' Front Cover

Official 'MXM' Back Cover

Q: When it comes to vocals (M^rrow is producing the project) are you going to have any features or is it solo?

A: "There are lots of features actually. Mostly artists from Michigan that have come to record at the studio while we were putting it together."

Q: How is the launch of Midwest's Finest Recording Studios, LLC. coming along thus far?

A: "Very good. Even within the past 2 months, I think I've worked with about 20 different artists and recorded roughly 50 to 60 songs. Im just excited for all the projects that the artists came to work on to be finished so we can release these hits!"

Q: With M^rrow being in England, how did that affect the project?

A: "Honestly, his location is big part of the reason the album was even possible. Where he is from, he said there isnt a big rap scene, if one at all. Thats why he was looking online for artists to collaborate with. It didnt really slow anything down besides sometimes having to wait for a response because of the time difference, but that wasnt anything we stressed over."

Q: What is your personal favorite of the project 'MXM'?

A: "Honestly, it is probably the track 'Frxx'. I had the 2 verses that are on that song on hold for a long time, and when I first heard the beat I knew that was what I wanted them on. Then as the features got put on and the song was getting finished up, I couldnt have been happier with its final render."

Q: Does 'MXM' begin a long working relationship between you and M^rrow?

A: "That is something only time will be able to tell. We do have several other tracks together that either didnt make the album or are being used for something else, but Im assuming we will. We cook up fire and if it isnt broke, dont fix it right?"

Q: Anything else you would like to add before we conclude your Q&A with SupportArt?

A; "I ask a question on the song 'Frxx'. Everyone should think about it."

Listen to prior work from both Nicolas Maitre & M^rrow below!