Hidden Gem Right In Front Of You

Most producers are all doing the same things at any given moment. They ride waves and producers come and go due to this reason. When you do more than producer, like SA's VP Kaster does, you give yourself much more longevity. He comes from an EDM background and not only are his beats insane, he has a collection of mash-up mixes that will leave you astonished. He is currently working with B-L1FE and other artists on Borgore sounding mixes that hit hard like 'Forbes' by Borgore and G-Eazy. Stream the mixes below and enjoy the blend of genres which you can also expect this Friday on a Kaster beat as B-L1FE releases 'Stereotypical'. Also we now know B-L1FE has another track coming with Kaster production backing his vocals when he leaked the cover for the single 'Fucked Up' yesterday. View the official cover for that single below as well. More to come on both artists.